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From the Paint and Coatings Division

ProCoat - February 25, 2013

From the Paint and Coatings Division1As a leading supplier of PPG paints, Procoat Systems encourages you to use all of the helpful tools PPG Industries has to offer. is a website dedicated to paint contractors which allows you to pull product data and MSDS sheets in a flash. With a speedy search engine gives you the ability to search and print documents for every product PPG Pittsburgh paints has to offer. Putting a submittal together will never be easier when you start using Take a look at the link below and explore all the tools on Click Here.

From the Stucco and Stone Division

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From the Stucco and Stone DivisionProcoat Systems has been selling and stocking Boral – Cultured Stone since 2004. Widely recognized as the industry leader,  Cultured Stone continually strives to offer the highest quality standards available; focusing on providing the most authentic looking, environmentally sustainable and design leading in manufactured stone products available. Cultured Stone has unveiled their newest colors and patterns for 2013. Please Click Here for a preview. Samples are available for viewing at our showroom in Denver. Please stop by our Denver and Fort Collins showrooms to see the new colors and patterns, as well as the full line of Cultured Stone stone products.

From the Waterproofing Division

ProCoat - February 19, 2013


You’re as cold as ice…

          The cold weather has officially made its presence felt. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the job stops.

    • In extreme cold, the joint being sealed is at its widest point due to contraction of the substrate. In the future, the sealant will undergo major stress, as the substrate constricts due to rising temperatures .
    • It is best to keep in mind, the lower the temperature the longer the curing time. Storing your sealant in a warm area before using helps the sealant spread easier and tool better.
    • The possibility of frost in colder temperatures can prevent the adhesion of the sealant to stick to the surface.  When frost is present, failure of the job follows close behind. Always be aware of th
    • e environment and the existing risks.

At ProCoat Systems, we stock a brilliant sealant by the name of Sonolastic 150 VLM. Available in twelve colors, this BASF product can be applied all the way down to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Being an elastomeric silyl-terminated polyether hybrid, this diverse paintable product can be applied to aluminum, concrete, glass, stucco and a wide range of other substrates.  Please call the office for any questions.   Stay warm and enjoy your week!

From the Paint and Coatings Division

ProCoat -

In the competitive paint industry, PPG Pittsburgh Paints continue to offer innovative solutions to stay ahead of the game. PPG Speedhide Pro-EV is the extra value choice when it comes to interior paint with excellent performance at an affordable cost. With less than 50 g/L VOC, PPG Speedhide Pro-EV is compliant in all regulated areas, with multiple MPI approvals. Available in a variety of bases, Speedhide Pro-EV has the sheen and color you are looking for to get the job done. Come take a look at the PPG Voice of Color selection chart at Procoat Systems before you start your next painting project.  For more information, click here.

From the Paint and Coatings Division

From the Stucco Stone and Paver Division

ProCoat -

From the Stucco Stone and Paver Division

Facades done right are eye-catching.  StoTherm EIFS can be used to create all types of exterior architectural detailing like cornices, arches, columns, keystones, special moldings, cornerstones and decorative accents. At Sto, many specialty finishes are available as well.  Whether you want to achieve a brick look, granite look or limestone finish, Sto has you covered. Sto understands the importance of color and design in architecture.  Our StoDesign team of nearly 50 designers worldwide regularly collaborate with architects and designers around the world to develop new products and tools to help for use in the creation of unique and beautiful facades.  However individual the color and design wishes may be, we strive to fulfill them. With the architect in mind, we have created the Sto Viewer.  This tool will help to visualize different finishes and colors with our StoTherm EIFS.  Playing with light, and saturation can help in making decisions on your next project. Give it a try!

From the Paint and Coatings Division

ProCoat - February 9, 2013

Still in the cold grip of winter? PPG Pittsburgh low-temp exterior paint coatings will allow you to still get the job done. With several low temperature products to choose from ProCoat Systems has the material you need when you need it. PPG Pittsburgh Exterior Speedhide has low temperature cure down to 35 degrees. Take a further look at the link below.

From the Paint and Coatings Division


Click Here to Learn More

From the Waterproofing Division: Pecora

ProCoat -

This past year, Pecora Corporation turned 150 years old. ProCoat Systems has been a supplier of Pecora Sealants and other construction products since 1995. We are proud to be associated with such an historic American company. ProCoat Systems stocks Pecora Urethanes, Silicones and Latex Sealants, as well as Urethane Traffic Deck Coatings and Repair Mortars. Below is an article Pecora published last year, which includes a great link at the bottom to some of their history in pictures. Congratulations to Pecora on 150 years of business… and counting!

From the Waterproofing Division Pecora

Pecora: 150 Years in the Making

As an industry leader in product development and product enhancement, Pecora is committed to offering a full range of adhesive, sealant and weatherproofing solutions.  Our focus is directed toward the continuous innovation of value added products, superior quality and exceptional service.

2012 is a milestone year for Pecora Corporation!

This year marks the 150th year that Pecora has been in business. As an American owned and operated company, Pecora was founded as a paint and varnish company in Philadelphia, PA in 1862. During our long history, Pecora has focused on developing and manufacturing trusted solutions to customer’s needs.

Over time, Pecora’s strength in technological development has enabled us to evolve into a major manufacturer of architectural building and OEM products.

After all these years, Pecora’s corporate offices with on-site manufacturing are still located in the suburban Philadelphia area and Pecora continues to be a leader in product development by working proactively to develop advanced solutions to the dynamic needs of the commercial construction industry.

All of us at Pecora are grateful to our loyal customers who have helped make this remarkable achievement possible.

Click here for a PDF that shows Pecora through the years.

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