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Stucco and Stone: STO EnergyGuard Systems

ProCoat - April 8, 2013

Simple, Safe & Sound and Sustainable

Solutions – it’s what we cladding manufacturers strive for. We have a solution for thermal bridging. We have a solution for drainage. We have a solution for energy efficiency. And this solution also happens to be quite aesthetically pleasing. But at this point there’s more and we’ve discovered it – and it’s not EIFS.

StoEnergy Guard is an all-encompassing solutions-based package. Beginning with continuous waterproof air and vapor barriers, and then moving outward in to a drainage plane with a cavity for drying and sealing the deal with exterior insulation, the StoEnergy Guard system is designed to protect your building, regardless of your choice in cladding.

From Paint and Coatings: Carboline Industrial Coatings

ProCoat -

Looking for specialty industrial coatings? Procoat Systems has a wide variety of Carboline Coatings to fit your job. Whether you need high-heat coatings, epoxies, or urethanes you can find what you need at Procoat Systems. Oil field equipment manufacturers, waste water treatment plants, steel fabricators all get there industrial coatings at Procoat Systems. With excellent technical support, Carboline has the products that will fit your need.


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