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ProCoat Systems Showcases Its Extensive Array of Products In Updated Website – New design to showcase Existing Products as well as New HardScape Materials Line

ProCoat - May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014 – Denver, Colorado – ProCoat Systems, one of the oldest building supply wholesale distributors in Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, has announced a re-launching of a completely re-organized website in part to showcase their newest product line – hardscape materials – as well as provide an updated listing of all of the products and services that they have been selling to contractors along the Front Range for more than 30 years.

ProCoat Systems New Website

The new ProCoat Systems website can be visited at and now sports an aesthetic new design intended to provide greater usability for it’s broad range of contractors throughout Colorado with features such as built-out supplier pages that better explain the product offerings and the variety of suppliers with which ProCoat Systems works.

To this end, categories have been re-organized to better highlight what ProCoat Systems offers, including:

  • § Stone and Hardscape Materials
  • § Stucco and EIFS
  • § Concrete-Coatings and Restoration
  • § Air Barriers and Sealants
  • § Waterproofing

Starting last fall, ProCoat Systems expanded beyond the stone veneer products it had been distributing to include hardscape materials and services to further expand upon the outdoor living category many contractors and their customers were asking for. Hardscape materials include permanent landscape surfaces for patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls and lawn/garden edging installed by contractors that are made from natural stone, brick or concrete.

For a permanent exterior solution that is maintenance free, environmentally friendly, and provides an upscale element to any residential or commercial property, ProCoat Systems suggests using a combination of natural stone veneer for wall covering, along with hardscape material like their Belgard line of architectural hardscape products to turn any plain outdoor space into a pallet of different colors and textures to make a carefree outdoor sanctuary. Visit the ProCoat Systems stone and hardscapes pages to view beautiful examples of stone and hardscape projects that ProCoat Systems has sourced for some of its talented contractor partners.

ProCoat Systems has been a recognized and reliable name in both residential and commercial construction in Denver, Colorado for more than 30 years. Their talented team of product specialists have extensive experience supplying Stucco products, hardscape materials, concrete waterproofing, natural stone veneer, concrete restoration, and other complimentary products and services to contractors and homeowners throughout Colorado and surrounding Mountain states. ProCoat Systems has worked hard to gain a reputation as a trusted and professional leader in the construction and landscaping industry by only representing the best in outdoor construction materials such as Belgard Hardscapes, who themselves have been a strong leader in outdoor living materials throughout North America for more than 10 years.

While there are many distributors for hardscape materials in the rocky mountain region, ProCoat Systems stands above the rest by offering the products and knowledge base for a complete residential or commercial exterior surface package. This makes it convenient for contractors and cost effective for property owners because they can source all exterior products from one supplier who not only has the extensive product experience for each surface, but also the consistent company longevity and resources to stand behind all their products. Not only is this more efficient for sourcing and delivery of product, but ProCoat is then an integral product expert to make sure there is continuity throughout the project from design through installation.

“Even though we have been in this business for over 30 years that was started with our father, we also recognize that in order to be the best resource for our contractors, we must adapt to how products are sourced and end users are educated,” said Marty Diner, who co-owns ProCoat Systems with his two other brothers, Jim and Randy. “With our new Website platform, we plan on building out the site with rich content that assists all of our audiences in product knowledge and education before they even walk into our showrooms, and we look forward to feedback and support from our trusted partners to help us create a valuable resource for anyone interested in hardscape materials.”


About Us

ProCoat System is a member of the Rocky Mountain Masonry Association, the Association of Walls and Ceilings, the organization for EIFS – Drywall and Acoustical Ceilings; and EIMA, the national spokes group for the EIFS industry. With respected and professional landscape supply contractors, as well as a new website, ProCoat Systems have proven that they are dedicated to serving all their customers with quality service during the landscape season which spans from April through October. To learn more about ProCoat Systems visit

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