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ProCoat Systems Introduces New Denver Designer Pavilion to Feature Natural Stone Veneer & Other Hardscape Materials

ProCoat - September 12, 2014

Denver, CO – ProCoat Systems – best known throughout its 30 year history as an exterior building materials supplier – has recently expanded into a stone and hardscape supply warehouse that is bringing the same commitment to Denver and Fort Collins builders with quality natural stone veneer products for interior and exterior applications. Most recently, ProCoat Systems has underscored this commitment to the category with their creation of a major designer pavilion, which was built to showcase the best natural stone veneer Denver’s ProCoat Systems has to offer on 6’x6’ wall samples, free-standing columns, and hardscape products laid out in sample mosaics.

“We recognize the growing trend in using natural stone veneer for a multitude of building applications from front facades to kitchen backsplashes to outdoor fireplaces, and we wanted to support our building customers by supplying a visual representation of how these products look and wear,” said Marty Diner, ProCoat co-owner and outdoor living division manager.

“Too often it is difficult for home owners, interior designers or builders to visualize how a whole wall will look in stone. Now our contractors have the ability to invite their customers over to our store and walk the pavilion to get a better sense of how the stone looks in a larger display than a small sample,” Diner added.

For decades stone has been used as a natural decorative covering, offering customers the beauty of real stone, but whole, uncut stone is extremely heavy. With new cutting technology in the last decade, natural stone veneer is typically only cut to 1 inch thick in order to reduce weight so that no additional structural support is necessary. The veneer can be applied using steel stucco mesh fastened over OSB plywood and affixed using a thin set mortar.

Natural stone veneer in Denver is a growing trend because it is timeless, require little maintenance after application and is a natural accent to other exterior siding like stucco or lap siding.

The pavilion was a capitol investment of more than $20,000 and 200 man-hours to create. It is located on the corner of Holly Street and Stapleton Drive South.

ProCoat budgeted the Denver stone pavilion for this year and would like to test its usefulness before budgeting for the Fort Collins store location in the near future.

About ProCoat Systems

ProCoat Systems was first established in 1984 with a single product that was not yet sold in the Colorado construction industry. With a passion for bringing cutting-edge and innovative products to contractors, the company has been providing great technical support, service, and quality products for 30 years. ProCoat Systems’ knowledgeable and experienced professionals provide natural stone and other exterior materials for home-building as well as remodelling and construction services. To learn more about ProCoat Systems visit


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