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Denver Natural Stone Veneer Provider ProCoat Systems Offers Stone Veneer Application Advice

ProCoat - December 30, 2014

Denver, Colorado – December 3, 2014 – Denver natural stone veneer company ProCoat Systems is stressing the importance of proper application procedures to all of their customers. With a variety of stone sizes and types, application needs to be carefully catered to your specific stone and the design that you are striving for.

Despite the fact that natural stone veneers have a history of being used exclusively for exterior cladding, people these days are using them for numerous interior purposes including backsplashes, wall accents and shower enclosures.  People are even creating entire walls accent walls clad in stone. Although these veneers can be applied to any structurally sound wall, the end use of your veneer will ultimately determine the proper application procedures. (more…)

Natural Stone Veneer Distributor ProCoat Systems Offers Stone Veneer Installation Tips to New Contractors and DIYers

ProCoat - December 4, 2014

Denver, Colorado – December 2, 2014 – There’s a misperception that stone veneer can be difficult to install and while there is a defined process, Denver-based natural stone veneer distributor ProCoat Systems says that understanding the steps can make anyone new to the process, if not proficient, at least understanding of the work that is involved to do the job properly.

Successful natural stone veneer installation in Colorado requires primarily knowing how to prep a surface that will not only allow the stone to adhere properly, but also will be able to withstand harsh Colorado freeze/thaw cycles. The substructure of the surface where the stone will be applied can be wood, OSB panels, cement or even brick, as long as it is stable. If the subsurface is wood or plywood, a moisture barrier, metal lathe and a mortar “scratch coat” needs to be applied. (more…)

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