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How ProCoat Systems is Bringing Back the Rustic Look to Front Range Homesteads

ProCoat - September 28, 2015

When we launched ProCoat Systems in 1984 with just one product, there was no telling how ultimately successful we would be. Fast forward over thirty years and we can look back proudly on how we have transformed the visual aesthetic of the region. Where once there were endless runs of bare commercial cinder block walls and acres of vinyl siding and other wood siding substitutes, there are stucco clad buildings and thin stone veneer facades providing visual interest to formerly bland homes. The cities of the Front Range definitely look better for us having taken that leap of faith all of those years ago. (more…)

Cultured Stone and the Virtues of Lighter Weight

ProCoat - September 21, 2015

Here at ProCoat Systems of Denver we have previously highlighted how the thermal mass of the stone veneer products we carry could be leveraged to make homes a bit more energy efficient by capturing solar heat.

However, that bit of energy savings only scratches the surface of how environmentally friendly stone veneer is when compared to a traditional whole stone product from quarry. (more…)

Natural Stone Veneer Becomes Art In It’s Own Right

ProCoat - September 12, 2015

With stone cladding for homes, it used to be “function over form”, mainly because with limited styles, that was all it could be: real or manufactured stone that looked just “ok” but did the job it was intended to do: protect the exterior from the elements. Then, as manufactured stone became more sophisticated in emulating natural stone veneer, creators let their artistic side come through. Now, “form” and “function” have equal billing.  (more…)

Natural Thin Stone Veneer, Makes Thicker Stone A Relic

ProCoat - September 4, 2015

The old-school of way of applying stone cladding to a home was first buy numerous TONS of bulky stone, pour a second footer to set them on, and hire true-life stone masons to properly apply it. The result was old-world gorgeous, but really expensive. (more…)

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