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Dispelling Some Marketing Myths Surrounding Manufactured Stone Veneers

ProCoat - October 27, 2015

At ProCoat Systems of Denver and Fort Collins, we never cease to be amazed by the marketing literature back and forth between the manufacturers of natural stone veneers and the makers of manufactured stone veneers. If you long peruse the internet regarding this debate you’d be excused if you thought natural stone veneers were too heavy and expensive to use on a stick frame built house and that if you opted for manufactured stone veneer you’d be fated to watch it discolor before your eyes and crumble from the wall. (more…)

Pavestone Pavers, Your Value Choice For Permeable Precast Pavers

ProCoat - October 17, 2015

At ProCoat Systems we are big fans of concrete paver installations. Here in Colorado, controlling rain and snowmelt runoff is a big issue and impermeable paving solutions like poured concrete and asphalt help to overwhelm our local flooding control measures by channeling water into the storm sewers almost as fast as the moisture develops. (more…)

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