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Manufactured Stone Vaneer

Manufactured Stone Veneer: Cover Those Expanses of Ugly Poured Concrete

ProCoat - November 25, 2015

When your clients are looking for exciting and unique manufactured stone veneer in Denver, make an appointment to swing by ProCoat Systems and see one of Coronado’s latest offerings—Yukon Rubble. Though the name is a little unusual, the product itself is a gorgeous take on the more traditional ledge stone dry stacked look. Where traditional looking ledge stone can be considered a bit too uniform, that can’t be said of the size variations of the “stones” in this pattern, one that makes it look as if a master stone mason took the time to select each individual piece for installation.  (more…)

Cultured Stone in Denver? Boral Makes The Greenest

ProCoat - November 13, 2015

procoatMany Coloradans bring an environmental sensibility to their building or remodeling projects, and as a long-time building supplies distributor, Procoat Systems embraces and fosters that sensibility in the products they choose to represent in their Denver and Fort Collins showrooms. If our contractors have clients who are looking for an ecologically sound cultured stone veneer product for their Denver area project, Cultured Stone by Boral is the giant and innovator of this category of product. They are also one of the greenest choices to make when adding the look of cultured stone veneer to building projects. (more…)

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