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Great Patterns Bring Patio Pavers to Life

ProCoat - January 13, 2016

Adding an interesting pattern to patio pavers can add character to any home or landscape, taking your patio project from ho-hum to hypnotizing. What patterns are perfect for your outdoor space?

  • Pattern shapes:
    • Patio pavers in Herringbone patternHerringbone(or your own image)
      Patio pavers laid at 45 or 90 degrees in alternate directions, creating a “V” shape, are referred to as a herringbone pattern. Strong and durable, this pattern is a great fit for driveways, patios, and walkways. Its visual impact also makes this pattern of patio pavers a great choice for medium-sized entertainment areas, borders, or mixed with clay colored paver options.
    • patio pavers in bond patternBond
      The most common pattern for patio pavers due to its simplicity, this side-by-side pattern is easy to install, and creates minimal waste. Depending on direction, this pattern can add length or width to patio space, making it an optimal choice for small spaces.
    • patio pavers Basket Weave patternBasket Weave
      The alternating vertical and horizontal pairs of this Old English design make it perfect for creating a vintage feel. Get creative with complimenting or contrasting colors for an eye catching effect.
    • patio pavers Circular patternCircular
      Great for breaking up large areas by adding visual interest and complementing existing patio elements, circular patterns look best when paired with patio pavers set in herring bone, basket weave, and bond patterns. A great choice for areas around a water fountain or fire pit, they need not be full circles, but half or quarter circles singly or in combination.
    • patio pavers European patternEuropean Fan
      This circular variation for patio pavers is the most challenging to create, but one of the most popular for residential and commercial designs due to its jaw-dropping looks. Ask us about fan kits that can help with your installation.
    • Irregular
      patio pavers Irregular pattern
      Random or irregular patterns work great for creating spaces with a Mediterranean or Tuscan feel.
    • Paver sizes and colors
      Patio pavers come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. Generally speaking, choose smaller patio pavers for smaller spaces, and larger stones for bigger areas. For a uniform appeal, opt for one or two sizes and colors, or for a more random look, three or more.

The big picture

When selecting pavers, it pays to ponder more than patterns.

  • Borders and features
    Properly utilized, patio pavers can help define areas, draw visual interest to a particular feature, or add flare all on their own. What’s your landscaping goal?
  • Permeability
    Permeable pavers, such as Subterra Stone by Belgard, offer a simple solution for areas with drainage issues.
  • Erosion
    For controlling erosion and incorporating greenery growth, turfstone is sure to do the trick.

Looking for high quality patio pavers that can create the perfect setting for your patio project? Contact ProCoat Systems and learn more about our unique patio paving solutions today.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer 101

ProCoat - January 3, 2016

Drawn to stone veneer, but relatively clueless as to the details? We understand the attraction – and the confusion – so we’re here to ensure whether you’re a professional contractor or new do-it-yourselfer, your first experience with stone veneer is a positive one.

A Long History

Stonework has changed substantially since its Ancient Egyptian beginnings, morphing into quite a diverse line of building materials. Fortunately, the years have been kind to stone products, producing options that are easy to use, lightweight, cost effective, and available in a much wider variety of colors and textures than the rocks of yore.

Manufactured vs Natural Stone Veneer:What’s the Difference?

  • Manufactured Stone Veneer Jan 3Natural Stone Veneer
    Natural stone veneer is a gorgeous, long-lasting product, though at a slightly higher cost than manufactured stone veneer. It was once heavier than its artificial counterpart, but advancements in cutting technology have allowed manufacturers to cut the natural stone face to just over two inches thick, or thinner that alleviates the issue of excessive weight, while still looking substantial in appearance.
  • Natural Stone Veneer Manufactured Stone Veneer
    Manufactured stone veneer has many aliases, including cultured stone and faux stone. It once held a look reminiscent of its name, however times have changed. Manufactured stone veneer is now strikingly similar to its natural counterpart. (Go ahead, take a look.)

Both manufactured and natural stone veneer are installed in a similar manner. They require a clean surface (no paint, dust, or dirt), sheathed with metal lath. For outdoor installations, a vapor barrier should be included beneath the lath. On brick/concrete surfaces, stone veneer can be directly applied with the proper thinset mortar base. A scratch coat is applied first, using mortar. After it cures, additional mortar is used to adhere stone veneer to their mounting surface, much in the same way you would apply tile. A sealer should be applied to protect the surface after the installation and drying process is complete.


All manufactured or natural stone veneer require for maintenance is periodic cleaning with a hose or a stiff brush and soapy water – if you choose to.

Great Uses for Manufactured or Natural Stone Veneer Include:

  • House siding
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Feature walls
  • Kitchen islands
  • Backsplashes
  • Showers and baths
  • Landscaping

Looking for a little more education on picking the right manufactured or natural stone veneer for your project? Contact ProCoat Systems or visit our showrooms today.

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