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Procoat Systems Brings Salt Lake City Stone Veneer To Building Industry

ProCoat - March 25, 2016

Manufactured and Natural Stone Veneer Products Fill Both High-End to Economy Building Needs

March 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT – Filling a growing demand for quality stone cladding in the Utah commercial and residential building markets, ProCoat Systems has announced it will offer both manufactured and natural stone veneer products in Salt Lake City and surrounding markets.

When you travel to historic cities both in North America and Europe, the buildings that have stood the greatest test of time are either made from, or sheathed in, granite, slate, or a quartzite-based dimensional stone. Now Procoat Systems, with it’s new West Valley City warehouse, will stock natural and manufactured stone veneer in a thin stone version that Utah homeowners, contractors or builders can add to almost any home or business interior or exterior surface.

PR procoat SLC KW Stone Veneer SLC 3-16“A part of the historic durability of stone cladding was the massive weight and thickness of the material, but the greater part is the density and the non-porosity of the stone itself,” Said Martin Diner, senior manager at ProCoat Systems. “The products we are offering eliminates all the downside of real stone cladding – the massive weight, massive cost and specialized stone masonry skillset to install – with products like Realstone System’s “Estate” line that provides the hardness of some of the best stone ever used architecturally, but at a fraction of the weight and expense.”

Estate Stone natural stone veneer currently comes in four varieties, each evoking the Old World look of a manor house of yesteryear:

Berkshire Buff

This product features off-white quartzite in a dry stacked large block format. It speaks to the repurposing of ruined fortifications and the erection of timeless places of worship that dot this part of England.

Bristol Black

This natural stone veneer is composed of black granite with grey and white striations. The irregular square and rectangular pieces are hand assembled at the factory to give a uniform color with interesting visual details.

Greystone Gold

Featuring a look that trends more towards a ledge stone dry stack style this option features grey colored quartzite flecked and veined throughout by gold tones. This product is model upon the old stone houses and buildings found in Northern Ireland.

Somerset Sage

Like its name implies, this is green tinted slate with auburn highlights is intended to call to mind the large manor houses and low stone walls found in Somerset County, England. The rolling coastal hillsides there overlook the ocean at  the Bristol Channel and seem to yield an endless supply of stones that capture the color of the local green sea.

Properly backed by stainless steel mesh and epoxy, so long as the supporting wall will not deflect, there is no height limit to the installation of these natural stone veneer panels that weigh only 12-13 pounds each.

Contact ProCoat SLC

Clients who want to build a timeless classic for the ages, ProCoat Systems has all of the materials and expertise needed to help them achieve that dream. Contact us today for the best in stone veneer products in Salt Lake City – for a free consultation, call 801.410.4345, or visit our showroom at 2371 3600 W, West Valley City Utah.

What Is Available for Stucco Materials In Salt Lake City?

ProCoat - March 17, 2016

ProCoat Systems in Salt Lake City we offer traditional stucco materials, along with the synthetically modified stuccos commonly called Exterior Insulated Finish Systems, (EIFS), but it is often the case that your homeowner clients will not know what the differences are. So this blog explanation is more to help educate homeowners.

Cement Versus Synthetic

Blog3 ProCoat-KW Stucco SLC 3-16For centuries, the basic composition of stucco has remained the same—a natural scratch coat of cementitious plaster, followed by a brown coat, topped by a finish coat all placed upon a wire lathe substrate.

All of these coats were laid in a relatively thick manner, creating a rigid wall coating that resists deflection, and hence is relatively brittle when facing thermal expansion and contraction. When applied in a continuous field, traditional stucco is prone to developing cracks not only at wall expansion sites, but also in mid-field.

Water: The Eternal Enemy of Stucco

All wall cladding systems are susceptible to water penetration. Wood siding, cultured and natural stone veneer, stucco, and EIFS products, all have the propensity to some amount of water intrusion. How that water is managed through the proper installation of the cladding is the key to the long-term durability of the installation.

Unlike traditional stucco, EIFS or “synthetic stucco,” modified by the addition a moisture barrier, polymer cement, and the use of extruded foam panel backers, is an advanced cladding system designed to manage water infiltration. An EIFS cladding that develops a leak here and there is still in great shape so long as that water is also released by the system rather than remaining trapped underneath.

Proper Application Techniques Are Key

stoProCoat Systems SaltLake City are stucco materials experts. We understand that whether your client chooses a more traditional stucco solution like Sto’s Powerwall, or elects to use an EIFS like StoTherm, we have the expertise to help contractors avoid the installation failure points and ensure your client enjoys years of worry free wall cladding.

The most common stucco and EIFS installation problems are not with the materials, but due to application technique. It is critical that these wall claddings are properly terminated at the bases of walls, at every penetration, and at the joints where the roof and the walls meet. Other common trouble spots include the improper shimming of windows and improper or incomplete installation of backer rods. In EIFS installations, a commonly seen failure point is the incomplete application of the moisture barrier and or the incomplete butting of the foam panels, allowing the base coat to create water management gaps and get trapped between the panels.

EIFS is growing in popularity as a wall cladding system, especially in areas where moisture and severe temperature fluctuations can create an increase in call backs. Don’t let improper installation impede your profitability and reputation. To see the best selection of stucco materials in Salt Lake City, and the expertise to help successfully install them, contact us at ProCoat Systems in Salt Lake City at 801.410.4345 or visit

Something Completely Different in Patio Pavers

ProCoat - March 10, 2016

Due to the harsh climate challenges and expense of keeping an outdoor pool in good repair year after year, they remain relatively rare in the Denver or Fort Collins. What are anything but rare are the various above ground hot tubs and built in jacuzzis or spas that are popular backyard cold weather retreats for many people. When installing one of these hot spots, your client is likely going to want a patio paver solution or even a type of pool decking solution.

Whether installed above or below ground, both classes of heated water recreation are either installed upon, or made from, concrete when installed to code. For excavated and built in jacuzzis and spas, to prevent electrocution, they are required to have a permanent surface bonding solution to segregate the water from any source of electricity powering the unit. Hot tubs are generally placed upon existing patio concrete, when possible, or sited upon a dedicated slab poured for the purpose.

At ProCoat Systems, we agree with many people of refined taste that poured concrete is not very aesthetically pleasing. The path to, and surround of, a hot tub, or covering a poured concrete surround for a built in spa is a relatively straightforward feat. Patio pavers allow the easy addition of high class to these backyard retreats, giving them a “wow factor” never achieved with a concrete pour.

Blog2 ProCoat-KW Patio Pavers 3-16For the Denver area’s decidedly western and rustic design ethos, one particularly exciting product for a “pool deck” or a hot tub surround is Belgard’s Sundeck series, which are actually porcelain patio pavers designed to closely resemble wood. Available in colors that evoke mahogany, oak, or weathered oak, each plank is 11.73 x 47.17 x ¾ inches, to complete the illusion of a wood deck that won’t rot, warp, or fade, while also not being as slick when wet as finished concrete can be.

For solid walkways, such as those to remotely located hot tubs built with a gazebo surround, Belgard’s traditional interlocking concrete pavers mimicking either classical flagstones, hewn rock, or natural stone tiles, are also a great choice in such an application. With nine popular styles, from cobbles to slabs, and even more colors to choose from, a Belgard patio paver can be found to complete anyone’s design vision.

Even though hot tub systems are designed for a wow factor in and of themselves, putting them on a pedestal of patio pavers in Denver, Fort Collins, or anywhere in the mountains, creates the ultimate impression. For more information or samples of the patio pavers we carry, contact us.

Natural Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer in Denver – Why Exceeding ASTM Standards Matters

ProCoat - March 4, 2016

When a client elects to use a natural stone veneer in Salt Lake City or Denver markets, especially in an outdoor application, the question as to its ultimate durability usually comes up. After all, to limit the weight of each panel, the reclaimed stone used by top manufacturers, such as Realstone Systems, seems impossibly thin in cross section.

ProCoat-KW Natural Stone Veneer 3-16The proper engineering of thin natural stone veneer panels makes all the difference that the installation last for decades with a minimum of care. Realstone takes extraordinary pains to exceed the American Society for Testing Materials International, (ASTM) standards for compression strength, rupture and flex strength, both when wet and dry, as well as ensuring their panels come out of freeze/thaw testing unscathed.

Our High Altitude Winters Are Tough, Our Natural Stone Veneer is Tougher

The ASTM C568 and C616 standards calls for a real stone veneer product, such as Realstone makes, to be able to withstand at least 4,000 psi of compression for limestone based product and 10,000 psi for quartz based product, both in parallel and perpendicularly, without failure. Samples submitted to ASTM by Realstone regularly exceed these standards by at least a third, if not by half, no matter the product tested.

 Natural Stone VeneerFor both rupture and flex testing, the minimum standard for limestone-based product is 500 psi before failure, for quartzite type product the minimum is 1,000 psi. Once again, Realstone is designed to exceed these standards, by as much as three times the standard in the first category and at least double the standard for the second.

As for freeze/thaw testing, ASTM C216 demands that randomly delivered product withstand 50 cycles of being immersed in a tray of frozen water for 20 hours and then thawed for four hours before being refrozen. To pass, the panel samples have to not crack or lose more than three percent of their volume by visual inspection. At the end of 50 successful cycles without apparent damage, the samples are reweighed to check for material loss that can’t be visually detected. To pass, the samples cannot have lost more than 0.50 percent of their dry weight. Samples of natural stone veneer submitted by Realstone Systems have passed that  freeze/thaw testing with no adverse effects at all, remaining stable in both weight and dimension.

What Does It All This Testing Mean?

When ProCoat Systems decides to carry a product line, it has to be something we can stand behind with our contractors and builders. If we can’t assure our customers that the product is sound and if installed properly won’t cause any liability or call back repairs, then we don’t offer it. It’s the way Procoat has operated and one of the reasons we have been in business supplying contractors with quality exterior building envelop products for more than 30 years. As such, we  only carry natural stone veneer you can trust. If you want your stone cladding installation to still be solid far beyond your retirement from the business, contact us. We now offer Realstone and other stone and cultured stone veneer products in our Denver, Fort Collins and Salt Lake City markets.

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