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Patio Pavers- Get the most aesthetic design possible!

ProCoat - September 19, 2016

Patio Paver Systems

Patio Pavers in Denver—Let’s Talk Aesthetics

Quality Patio Pavers in DenverOne of the most trenchant criticisms of modern construction—a suffocating sameness—extends down to the choice of patio pavers in Denver. Often, even when there is some attempt by the developer to create differentiation in the houses of a development, the residents soon discover that the cookie cutter is still at work on their patios and walks. (more…)

Retaining Wall Blocks in Denver—More Than Meets The Eye

ProCoat - September 12, 2016

Ridiculously Simple Block Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Blocks in Denver—More Than Meets The Eye

Retaining Wall Blocks in DenverThanks in part to our success over the past few decades, even the trained eye at times prompts the question, “Is that installation a type of stone veneer or is it made from retaining wall blocks?” In Denver, the answer is increasingly hazy because of products like Belgard’s Tandem Modular System, which takes the look of retaining wall blocks we see all over Denver, and makes them behave more like veneer in their installation. (more…)

Water Intrusions & Natural Stone Veneer in Salt Lake City

ProCoat - September 5, 2016

Natural Stone Veneer in Salt Lake City—Combatting Water Intrusions

Water intrusions will cause the failure of any natural stone veneer installation in Salt Lake City. The good news is that the proper installation of flashing, weep holes, and foam backing rods is detail work that can be readily learned at ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City. We are dedicated to the success of your project. (more…)

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