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Cultured stone in Salt Lake City is Growing in Popularity – and for good reason!

ProCoat - October 21, 2016

With median new home prices in Salt Lake City topping $300,000, it’s a given that homebuilders and homeowners won’t tolerate the run-of-the-mill building features that are standard on lower-level homes. Cultured stone in Salt Lake City and lots of it, can take a home’s exterior from blah to wow with not as much money as one would think. (more…)

What is the difference between stucco and plaster in your Salt Lake City building?

ProCoat - October 15, 2016

There’s often confusion about the difference between stucco and plaster, especially among homeowners. What do the two terms mean? Plaster is a pasty mixture of lime or gypsum, water and sand that is applied to a wall surface as protection. Stucco is made of aggregates, binding chemicals and water. Both are used in Salt Lake City architecture. For homeowners, the two terms have become interchangeable, which can, at the least, cause confusion, and much worse misaligned expectations. What’s useful is for contractors to look at the different types of stucco and explain to homeowners how they should be used. (more…)

Patio Pavers in Denver—Are There Downsides to Using Polymeric Sand?

ProCoat - October 9, 2016

For decades, patio pavers in Denver were installed exclusively using variegated sand intended to “lock” into the joints of the installation. Whether called concrete or “torpedo” sand, this washed and screened sand was the gold standard of joint substrates for patio pavers in Denver. (more…)

Cleaning Natural Stone Veneer in Denver—Getting The End User Started Off Right

ProCoat - October 3, 2016

At ProCoat Systems we are one of the largest natural stone veneer dealers in the Denver market. As the local experts on everything to do with stone veneer, we support contractors with our in depth product knowledge and hands-on training.  However, it is often up to the contractor to educate the end user when it comes to cleaning natural stone veneer in Denver. (more…)

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