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Sto™ Stucco—Perfect For Salt Lake City

ProCoat - December 12, 2016

If you want a wall covering system that has stood the test of time, is code compliant, and features world-class moisture management and myriad design options, look no further than Sto™ stucco for your Salt Lake City region projects. Going with Sto™ stucco systems will yield a low maintenance, durable and flexible wall cladding that easily incorporates insulation options. (more…)

Commercial EIFS Stucco for Salt Lake City

ProCoat - December 4, 2016

Commercial EIFS Stucco in Salt Lake City can generate some confusion for end users who instantly think of it as mere stucco. Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems, (EIFS), also confusingly sometimes referred to as EIFS stucco, are in fact an ideal exterior wall cladding for use in the Salt Lake City region. ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City would like to remind design professionals that calling polymer based EIFS “stucco” can lead to misunderstandings that can result in the end user not opting for what might be the best wall cladding system for their building’s exterior. Not only does the word stucco carry the baggage of the wall cladding that many people know only for cracking, it doesn’t begin to describe how an EIFS system offers so many design finish options either. (more…)

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