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stone veneer uses

Nothing But the Best: ProCoat’s Stone Veneer Partners

ProCoat - May 18, 2018

stone veneer companiesStarting with a mission to partner with only the world’s bests producers of home and business construction and remodeling materials, ProCoat of Denver has assembled a top notch team of cladding, coating, air barrier, sealant, and waterproofing companies. The experts at ProCoat bring years of quality experience and knowledge to help any home or business owner develop the functional and aesthetic results they imagine for their construction, upgrade, and remodeling jobs. 

wall stone veneer

Introduce True Elegance Into Your Home with High-Quality Stone Veneer

ProCoat - May 15, 2018

wall stone veneer

Have you ever walked into a room and been instantly impressed by the impact of a nicely incorporated stone accent wall or fireplace surround? Stone, whether natural or the highest quality manufactured product, can turn an otherwise boring den, living area, bathroom, or kitchen into a warm and inviting spot in any home. 

Protect Your Concrete Deck with the Best Waterproofing Formulas

ProCoat - May 9, 2018

Concrete decking should be durable and long-lasting. However, they are susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Whether as a parking garage surface, office building projection or viewpoint, or home deck surface, these structures are subject to significant exterior exposure. In climates with significant rainfall and wide temperature variances, high-quality waterproofing materials are used to protect concrete surfaces from cracking or shrinking. Damage may result from groundwater or storm water runoff or many other causes.  (more…)

manufactured stone veneer

Upgrade with a Stone Veneer Style for Any Application

ProCoat - May 3, 2018

stone veneer styles

High quality manufactured stone veneers can change the characteristic ambiance of any room from boring to elegant, stylish or comforting depending on the style chosen. Whether creating a dramatic focal point with a new fireplace surround or spawning a spa-like effect with stone cladding on your bathroom wall, the change can be profound.  (more…)

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