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interior veneer stone

Exercise Personal Design Creativity with Quality Interior Veneer Stone

ProCoat - June 18, 2018

real stone veneerToday’s stone veneers, whether produced from natural or manufactured stone, can add a stunning measure of beauty, style, and the ambiance of your choosing to any setting. Interior veneer stone may create a lodge-like feel to a family or living room with a new fireplace surround or an elegant, an outdoor spa atmosphere to a bathroom, or an elegant ambiance with a new stone bedroom wall.

The styles, textures, and colors available in today’s interior stone veneers can produce virtually any style a home or business owner’s imagination can conceive. ProCoat Systems of Denver represents the world’s leading innovators in manufactured stone veneers. Their products replicate the appearance of natural stone such as granite, limestone, marble, or slate. (more…)

Beautiful and Versatile Natural Thin Stone Veneer

ProCoat - June 13, 2018

manufactured stone veneer

Natural thin stone veneer is real stone cut into thicknesses of 1” to 2” for easy application, handling, and transport. The effect is the same as the traditional stone mason’s cutting and shaping without the waste and extra labor. The end results are walls, flooring, fireplace surrounds, and other architectural features that convey the beauty, color, and texture of real stone without the mass and waste. (more…)

stone veneer for fireplaces

Installing Quality Stone Veneer for Maximum Beauty and Durability

ProCoat - June 7, 2018
stone veneers


Stone veneer products add elegance and style to any interior or exterior space.

Create a dramatic focal point in your living area with a stylish and beautiful new fireplace surround made of high-quality stone veneer. Add class and a natural outdoor feel to your bathroom or family room with a brand new stone cladding. (more…)

EIFS finish coats

Protect Your Exterior with EIFS Finish Coats

ProCoat - June 5, 2018

EIFS finish coatEIFS, also known as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, is an energy saving and durable cladding consisting of scientifically developed layers of materials that coordinate to restrict the transfer of energy and eliminate the accumulation of moisture. In reality, EIFS works as an overcoat for your home or business. (more…)

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