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stone veneer uses

The Ins and Outs of Stone Veneers

ProCoat - July 24, 2018

stone veneer usesQuality stone veneer is becoming the material of choice for many home construction and remodeling projects. Beautiful, natural-looking, durable, lightweight, easy to install, and economical, stone veneers offer a highly sustainable option for interior and exterior use. (more…)

retaining wall blocks

Retaining Walls Made Right

ProCoat - July 17, 2018

retaining wall blocksRetaining walls generally perform a utilitarian function. These are often intended to create a solid partition between two levels of landscape, eliminating slopes and contours that can be difficult to manage and limit flat, usable space.

When the right materials and design are employed, a retaining wall can be an attractive element of any landscape. (more…)

exterior stone veneer

The Versatility of Beautiful Stone Veneer

ProCoat - July 10, 2018

Stone VeneerStone veneer can be a beautiful, long-lasting and stylish addition to any home or business interior or exterior. By providing texture, atmosphere, and refinement to any room or exterior structure, manufactured stone veneers are a high-quality cladding for fireplace surrounds, interior walls, exterior columns and wainscoting, and other elements. (more…)

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