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natural stone veneer

How to Clean and Maintain Natural Stone Veneer

ProCoat - August 10, 2018

natural stone veneerNatural stone veneer is a popular solution for new home construction and remodeling projects. Drive through any newly developed neighborhood and natural stone claddings are featured on the exterior of most homes. Stone projects permanence and class. (more…)

stucco systems

Sto Stucco Systems Offer More Than a Beautiful Exterior

ProCoat - August 7, 2018

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Sto is the leading developer and producer of the highest quality cladding systems designed to protect buildings from the elements, eliminate moisture, preserve energy, and look great. And, StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems are easier to apply than standard stucco and are presented in a wide range of colors and textures for aesthetic balance.

What are Sto Stucco Systems?

When home or business owners choose Sto to clad a new or existing structure, they are targeting beauty, protection, durability, and energy efficiency. Sto Stucco Systems consist of advanced integrated components, including state-of-the-art patented layers that work in tandem to provide maximum long-term protection. These products include:

  • StoGuard®- A fluid-applied air and moisture barrier
  • Sto DrainScreen™- A drainage mat that prevents moisture penetration
  • StoPowerwall ExtraSeal™- Extra protection for use on concrete and concrete masonry units.
  • StoPowerwall®- A high-performance Portland cement-based stucco exterior finish with special components to provide the initial continuous air and moisture barrier.

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How Do Sto Stucco Systems Work?

Sto products were scientifically designed over decades to work in harmony to provide maximum protection while reducing energy costs substantially. And, the colors and textures available furnish a clean and beautiful appearance that truly enhances any structure’s market value and curb appeal.

But what is the secret to StoPowerwall Stucco System’s effectiveness?

Working as a system, the Sto Systems begins on the inside with the StoGuard air and moisture barrier with the Drain Screen and Type 4 Insulation. With Sto’s outer coating of StoPowerwall stucco and Sto textured finishes, the interior of the building is fully protected from penetration by moisture and air in any season.

The Sto cladding systems meet all local and international building code requirements and are designed to perform in any climate.

Sto’s primary distributor partner in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado and Utah is ProCoat Systems in Denver, Ft. Collins and Salt Lake City.

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ProCoat Systems is a leading dealer of world class cladding products in the Rocky Mountain region. The professionals at ProCoat work closely with contractors and remodelers to devise and install the right products for interior and exterior use in construction. The experts at ProCoat are experienced in advising and collaborating on any large or small projects.

And, to find answers to your questions about these products, contact  ProCoat the buliding supply experts. 

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real stone veneer products

Advantages of RealStone Natural Stone Veneer

ProCoat - August 1, 2018

real stone veneer productsFor both interior and exterior fireplaces and wall coverings, no other material offers the beauty, elegance, and durability of stone. While raw natural stone requires the skills of an experienced stone mason, RealStone Systems™ forges products from true natural stone that are easier to apply, require no shaping, and eliminate waste. (more…)

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