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Carlisle Air Barriers

As energy costs increase and the push to lower carbon footprint intensifies, air barriers are playing a growing role in building design. Carlisle air barriers ensure a high performance building envelope, safeguarding the environment within and without your structure. Reducing heating and cooling expenditures up to 37%, guarding against moisture issues, and ensuring comfort, CCW air barriers help you deliver LEED-certified performance.

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Carlisle Air Barriers

A Recognized Leader in the Air Barrier Industry

Each product in the CCW air barrier line has been developed to meet the nation's most stringent energy and building code requirements. CCW's innovative technology includes the industry's first air and vapor barrier line formulated and certified for burn resistance in compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285 wall assembly requirements. Evaluated by the Air Barrier Association of America, CCW air barriers have proven to meet and exceed these specifications.

Three Types of Carlisle Air Barriers

Self-Adhering Sheet Air Barriers

CCW self-adhering air barriers provide easy, peel-and-stick application, delivering a continuous 40-mil thick air/vapor shield in above-grade wall assemblies. Choose from:

    • CCW-705
      This non-permeable, self-adhering membrane features a rubberized asphalt adhesive laminated to a smooth-surfaced, dimensionally-stable, tough, poly-film. Simply peel off the disposable silicon-coated release film to expose adhesive and press into place, enjoying instant rain resistance after installation. Compatible with cold application over common building materials such as gypsum, wood, concrete, CMUs, structural steel, metal flashing, aluminum extrusions, and rigid PVC.
    • CCW-705 HT
      CCW-705 HT provides all the benefits of CCW-705, with a high-temperature-resistant modified asphalt adhesive. Suitable for use directly behind metal cladding, it can be applied in temperatures up to 240°F without degradation.
    • CCW-705 LT
      Specially formulated for installation in cold weather conditions.
    • CCW-705 XLT
      CCW-705 XLT features an adhesive formula with a high-tack for easy installation between 15°F and 60°F.
    • CCW-705 FR-A Air & FR-A XLT
      These self-adhesive membranes feature a rubberized-asphalt adhesive laminated to a fire-resistant aluminum foil/HDPE composite facer. Ideal for use in wall assemblies that are required to pass NFPA 285. Choose XLT, with its highly--tacky adhesive formulation, for installation between 15°F and 60°F.
    • CCW-705 VP & Fire Resist VP
      These membranes are 23-mil thick and vapor-permeable, resisting water wall permitting the diffusion of vapor.
  • CCW Fluid-Applied Barriers

    These rubberized asphalt membranes are fluid-applied by your choice of spray or roller, delivering a continuous air/vapor barrier in above-grade wall assemblies. CCW fluid-applied air barriers are recommended for use where detailing with a sheet membrane is difficult, such as on CMU walls with embedded masonry ties. CCW offers a wide range of fluid-applied air barrier options to meet your needs:

    • Barriseal
      An asphalt emulsion modified with synthetic polymers, Barriseal is applied through co-spray, achieving instant resistance to rain wash-off. It covers large areas quickly, and adheres reliably year-round, providing continuous coverage.
    • Fire Resist Barritech NP
      Fire Resist Barritech NP is certified for use in many wall assemblies requiring NFPA 285. Like Barriseal, it offers continuous coverage and is compatible for use in high-moisture environments.
    • Fire Resist Barritech NP-LT
      Barritech NP-LT is similar to Barritech NP but formulated to allow for installation in sub-freezing conditions.
    • Fire Resist Barritech NP60
      Designed for application with CMU wall surfaces in cavity wall construction. It offers continuous coverage, sealing around fasteners to provide high water-resistance in moisture-prone areas.
    • Fire Resist Barritech VP
      This vapor-permeable membrane allows for diffusion of water vapor and is compatible with installations down to 20°F.
    • Fire Resist Barrithane VP
      Barrithane VP is a highly-moisture-resistant, vapor-permeable membrane. It can be applied at damp products, even at sub-freezing temperatures, forming a continuous barrier that resists rain wash-off immediately after installation.
  • CCW Fluid-Applied, Vapor-Permeable Barriers

    CCW fluid-applied, vapor-permeable air barriers deliver complete AVB protection for a variety of applications.

    • Fire-Resistant Barritech VP
      This vapor-permeable barrier is designed for use in exterior wall assemblies and made of naturally fire-resistant materials. It provides an air and water-resistant barrier that still allows water vapor to pass through the membrane. This membrane maintains flexibility at low temperatures and can be installed down to 20°F. It applies easily via spray or roller over concrete, block, plywood, OSB, gypsum, and other common materials, self-sealing around penetrations to provide a continuous air and water barrier. Ideal for use when NFPA 285 wall assemblies are required.
  • Increase Protection with CCW Compatible Products

    CCW also offers a variety of flashing products to enhance air and vapor barrier protection, including:

    • Window & door flashing
    • Self-adhering thru-wall flashing
    • EPDM thru-wall flashing
    • Termination bars
  • Improve the performance of your building. Beef up your building envelope with Carlisle Coating & Waterproofing air barriers from ProCoat Systems today.

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