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Tyvek Building Envelopes

Are you looking to boost the performance of your building? Improve structural integrity and energy efficiency with Dupont Tyvek building envelopes from ProCoat Systems. Designed to withstand the rigors of the commercial construction environment, the Dupont Tyvek line offers advantages over other building envelope systems. Tyvek air barriers provide a durable, effective air barrier, controlling air and moisture leakage with a unique design that holds out air and water while still allowing for the passage of moisture vapor. This lowers heating and cooling costs, and guards against structural mold and rot, ensuring a healthier indoor environment, and lasting building performance.

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Tyvek Building Envelopes

Why Choose Dupont Tyvek Products?

Dupont has been providing products to the construction industry for over 200 years. Their Tyvek line of building envelope solutions is unique. Unlike perforated wraps, where there is a tradeoff between air and water resistance versus vapor permeability, Dupont Tyvek air barriers are made of a continuous, non-woven, non-perforated sheet. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibers of Tyvek wraps are not fused together. This creates a fibrous structure with a multitude of tiny pores that are extremely effective at holding out air and water, while still allowing for the passage of moisture vapor. This design far outperforms competing products, with:

    • 17 times the water holdout capability of competing perforated wraps.
    • Nearly four times the vapor permeability of perforated house wraps (which only allow vapor passage through punched holes).
    • Superior air resistance, preventing air infiltration into the wall cavity, supporting insulation R-value, and reducing heating and cooling costs.
    • Decreased wall cavity drying times.
    • Reduced incidence of mold and structural damage.

Tyvek by Dupont Liquid Air Barriers/Dupont Tyvek Liquid Air Barriers

Dupont Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ delivers the ideal combination of air and water protection, including the highest vapor permeability available on the market. This air barrier was designed for the unique demands of heavy-duty commercial construction projects, forming a tough, durable weather barrier. Using cutting-edge silyl-terminated polyether (STPE) technology, it provides seamless protection and does not wash off with water exposure.

Dupont Tyvek Wraps

    • Dupont Tyvek CommercialWrap
      Tyvek air barrier wraps provide a strong building envelope, enhancing building durability and energy efficiency, and controlling air leakage. The tough, tear-resistant design of Dupont Tyvek CommercialWrap offers up to 9 months of UV resistance.
    • Tyvek CommercialWrap D
      Tyvek CommercialWrap D is engineered to meet the intense challenges of heavy wind and rain. It features a vertically grooved surface to channel windblown water for superior air and moisture control.
    • Dupont Tyvek ThermaWrap LE
      The low-emission surface of Dupont Tyvek ThermaWrap LE blocks air infiltration and exfiltration, supporting superior HVAC efficiency and performance. It reflects solar radiation away from your building structure, reflecting warmth out and away in the summer, and guarding against radiant heat loss in the winter.
    • Dupont Tyvek DrainWrap
      This air and moisture barrier works behind building cladding. It provides air resistance, safeguarding your building during construction, and guarding against infiltration by extreme, wind-driven rain afterward.
    • Dupont Tyvek HomeWrap
      Protect your residential projects with the revolutionary air barrier technology of Dupont Tyvek Home Wrap. The original house wrap, Dupont Tyvek Home Wrap guards against damaging wind and rain, improving building durability, controlling airflow, and reducing energy bills.
    • Dupont Tyvek ThermaWrap LE
      The low-emissivity, metalized surface of Dupont Tyvek ThermaWrap LE blocks air infiltration and exfiltration, reducing radiant heat flow. By minimizing summer heat gain and winter heat loss, it enhances HVAC performance.
    • Dupont Tyvek ThermaWrap 5.0
      DuPont Tyvek 5.0 combines the air and water management benefits of DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap with an R-value of 5.0.
    • Dupont Tyvek StuccoWrap
      Dupont Tyvek StuccoWrap delivers superior air and moisture protection, providing enhanced water management when installed behind stucco and EIFS wall systems.

Tyvek Building Envelope Accessories

Shop our extensive line of Dupont Tyvek air barrier installation accessories, including these popular Dupont Tyvek products:

    • RainVent Batten Polypropylene Furring Strips
    • StraightFlash Door & Window Flashing
    • Butyl-Backed StraightFlash VF
    • Adhesive Primer
    • Residential Sealant
    • Sealant for Tyvek Fluid Applied System
    • Fluid-Applied Flashing & Joint Compound
    • Window & Door Foam
    • Seam Tape
    • Flashing Tape
    • FlexWrap EZ Tape
    • FlexWrap NF Tape
    • Commercial Wrap Caps

Boost the efficiency of your building design. Learn more about Dupont Tyvek building envelopes from ProCoat Systems today.

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