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Face-Sealed EIFS and Sealant Joints

ProCoat - February 25, 2020

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EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, are appropriate for nearly any location if the proper drainage measures are designed and executed. In low-drying or high-humidity locations, ones with substantial annual rainfall, moisture must be prevented from entering at joint locations. And water should also be allowed to drain via an designed cavity that prevents penetration into the interior gypsum and other insulating materials.

By limiting temperature transfer from the outside, EIFS construction layers are engineered to act as a blanket to lower energy costs substantially. However, when that blanket becomes wet and will not dry in a short ime, problems begin to arise. The issues can be in the form of mold development and deterioration of the material components.

Drainage and Seals

Two separate measures are employed to combat moisture and reduce the potential for water and high humidity damage to EIFS layers. These measures should be properly executed during the initial construction or remodel.

Drainage Plane- Creating a drainage cavity or gap between the outer EIFS surface and the interior glass-matted gypsum allows moisture that penetrates through the stucco-like surface to drain downward and out through the base of the wall. This drainable EIFS assembly process eliminates most of the moisture retention problems that plagued earlier versions of EIFS.

Sealant Joints- The other major culprit to accumulating moisture in EIFS construction are the joints that surround windows, balconies, and doors. Also, rain may flow through the roof joints into the EIFS lamina if these are not properly sealed. In areas where drying periods are longer or rain is less frequent, the materials my dry out within a reasonable time. But in rainy areas, these potential problem spots can allow moisture to enter without proper sealing.

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To ensure a perfect sealing process in every potential trouble spot, Building Science recommends that the sealant must:

  • Adhere well to the lamina
  • Be ultraviolet light resistant
  • Not be stronger than the base coat bond strength
  • Be affordable

If joint sealants are applied perfectly, the building owner should not experience problems. Regular inspection to determine whether the sealants are holding should identify problems that may be developing.

Sealants can be reapplied when necessary to prevent further damage.

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EIFS installation must be performed perfectly to be fully effective. In high precipitation and excessive humidity, moisture can develop anywhere.

If you have questions regarding the practicality and economy of EIFS in future construction and remodeling, be sure to seek expert advice. The cladding professionals at ProCoat Systems are available to discuss the technical aspects of EIFS construction for your building.


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retaining wall blocks

Why is Cultured Stone So Popular?

ProCoat - February 11, 2020

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Home and business owners throughout the country are enjoying the beauty and convenience of cultured stone veneers without all the additional cost and inconvenience of natural stone products. Attractive, lighter weight, easy to install, durable, and even more environmentally sustainable, more homeowners and high-end builders are choosing cultured stone veneers for their upgraded construction. For existing homes, changing the facade from a standard wood siding to an elegant and attractive stone facing enhances the curb appeal immeasurably. For a new home, a high-quality cultured stone veneer adds significant appeal to even the simplest home design.

ProCoat Systems  offers the finest cultured stone products from the two leading brands: Boral® and Rock-It Natural Stone.

Affordability and Durability

Cultured stone veneers are more affordable and practical than natural stone products. They are lighter in weight and require less cutting and shaping than natural products need. These high quality and durable cultured stone materials are produced in a wide range of stone styles, textures, and colors to match any preference.

Reductions in freight costs, handling, waste, and the labor required to apply add up a significant reduction in cost compared to natural stone products.

Cultured stone products from ProCoat will last a lifetime and, when properly installed, will prevent moisture from accumulating between the material and the subsurface.

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Stone Veneers

Beauty and Style

Cultured Stone® by Boral and Coronado Stone Products are the industry’s leading brands of manufactured stone veneers, brick, and tile products. With a broad range of styles like slate, limestone, ledgestone, brick, coral, cobblestone, fieldstone, river rock, or even stone that looks like wood, ProCoat can offer hundreds of colors and textures to make any home unique and more interesting. These materials are ideal for both interior and exterior cladding.

Durable and Weather Resistant

High-quality stone veneer products are resistant to rain, wind, snow, and cold weather. The materials require very little maintenance compared to wood siding, are easily more durable, and the colors will not fade.

Environmentally Positive

Produced with a high percentage of recycled materials, cultured stone products require less energy to produce, transport, and install than natural stone products, As a result, the net effect on the environment is far lower than with natural stone.

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For more information regarding the significant advantages of cultured stone products, all the ProStone experts to discuss the superior qualities of cultured stone products. 

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waterproofing systems

Effective Waterproof Protection Will Save Money Later

ProCoat - February 4, 2020

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Effective waterproofing systems are necessary to preserve the integrity of roofs, walls, and everything within. With any construction or remodel, anticipating the effects of potential water intrusion with proper waterproofing, drainage, and water management is absolutely essential. An investment in professional waterproofing materials and applications to ensure that roofs, foundation walls, and other areas are properly protected from moisture will save thousands of dollars later.

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Waterproofing Solutions

 ProCoat Systems Waterproofing

ProCoat Systems offers a whole range of water protection for every type of structure. Whether new construction or a major remodel, ProCoat’s menu of waterproofing membranes and materials are impervious to water and moisture and will fully protect the structure within. A careful analysis of the type of building, location, and the potential future presence of moisture will determine the type of waterproofing that should be built into a structure for maximum protection.

One size does not fit all when waterproofing is involved. Low-slope buildings, for example, require a more robust water management system than some other types of structures. Therefore, it is important that experts like ProCoat Systems evaluate the need and identify the best solutions for water management.

 ProCoat Waterproofing Systems

ProCoat Systems offers a range of waterproofing systems to protect different types and locations of structures. ProCoat offers membranes in sheet form or in liquid, plus rubber waterproofing for roofs and paver systems. Bentonite clay waterproofing is a geo-membrane that can be applied for below-grade as well as for concrete and blindside waterproofing. Elastomeric urethane deck coating is used as surface-applied waterproofing for buildings and decks.

Additionally, ProCoat has drain board and drainage composites to help below-ground membranes to keep foundations dry.

Other Types of Waterproofing Systems

For heavy traffic areas like parking decks, protecting the substrata such as concrete and reinforcing steel from deterioration will lengthen the useful life of the structure significantly. These materials also prevent the moisture from seeping below to cause further harm.

For low-sloped or flat-top structures, ProCoat offers a synthetic rubber roofing membrane, EDPM, made from ethylene and propylene. The product is durable and available in thicknesses of 45 and 60 mils. The seams of the membrane are sealed with a liquid adhesive or specialized tape.

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In the Rocky Mountain region, the regular presence of moisture and ice can be extremely harmful to any structure. One key to long-lasting strength and performance for any structure is waterproof protection at any exposed component. Thorough protection today will save in the long-term.

Contact ProCoat Systems to discuss their entire line of commercial waterproofing options.


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Protect Your Concrete Decking with a Waterproofing Application

ProCoat - January 23, 2020

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Concrete provides a reliable, durable surface for many applications. Concrete walls, parking surfaces, and decking can last for decades if properly designed and maintained with appropriate care and attention. However, once a concrete surface is compromised, due to cracking, damage, or some imperfection, moisture and weather can play a corrosive role in reducing the useful life of the material. Eventually, the steel reinforcement can be exposed by invasive water, chlorides, chemicals, and other substances and continual break-up will occur. The surface becomes useless and will need to be replaced.

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Concrete Repair

How to Prevent Water Damage to Concrete Surfaces

To prevent concrete corrosion from water and other substances, ProCoat Systems recommends treating the concrete surface with products designed to protect. Depending on the planned use of the surface, from vehicle traffic or other, or whether the material is in the installation stage or being retreated, ProCoat offers a range of products from world-class suppliers. Specially formulated for foundation walls, plaza decks, horizontal parking decks, planters, and balcony decks, products and strategies include:

These systems may involve one or more of the following:

  • Sheet membrane
  • Fluid-applied membranes
  • Rubber waterproofing
  • Bentonite clay
  • Blindside waterproofing
  • EPDM rubber
  • Elastomeric urethane
  • Surface applied waterproofing

Each product has a particular purpose and strength. Some locations may use a combination of these strategies and products to maximize waterproofing and the useful life of the surfaces. Choosing the best option for any surface should involve expert input.

Traffic Surface Treatments

Possibly the most rigorous punishment a concrete surface must withstand is vehicle traffic. Busy parking garage decks, for example, may accommodate thousands of cars and trucks per day. And, they are frequently exposed to rain, snow, and other corrosive influences. Special care must be given to the original design of these structures, incorporating all of the waterproofing and drainage strategies available.  Also, periodic reapplication of waterproofing products must be part of the continuing long-term maintenance plan.

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ProCoat Systems provides high-quality claddings and coatings to the construction industry in the Colorado/Utah Rocky Mountain region. Besides being the experts in stone, brick, and other materials for interior and exterior use, ProCoat building supply specialists understand how to protect materials to make them remain looking great and lasting longer. Working with industry leaders like BASF, and Pecora, ProCoat offers the best materials for any waterproofing job.

For more information about protecting concrete surfaces, call ProCoat Systems in Devner, Salt Lake City or Ft. Collins.

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Traditional stucco claddings

Traditional Stucco Claddings and Water Management

ProCoat - January 21, 2020

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Stucco buildings have been around for centuries. Many scientists believe that even the pyramids of Egypt were coated in a white stucco substance made from volcanic ash in the beginning. Though some material has endured over 1000 years, attractive and durable stucco gained substantial prominence in Europe and North America with the development of Portland cement as a binding ingredient in 1843. After that time, stucco coatings gained significant popularity and became a cladding of choice during the first part of the twentieth century.

In addition to stucco’s timeless, attractive appearance, the cladding offers excellent durability with very limited upkeep. Builders of correctly applied stucco surfaces employ both drainage and storage strategies to eliminate the accumulation of moisture in buildings. Minimizing moisture absorption while providing adequate storage beneath to drain or dry is the key to a long-lasting cladding.

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How Does Stucco Keep the Building from Experiencing Moisture Problems? 

In some climates, where moisture levels are minimal and low humidity is the norm, builders do not worry much about moisture accumulation. However, in many parts of the country, precipitation levels can be high, particularly during certain seasons, and special precautions are necessary to prevent moisture damage within any construction.

For masonry walls, a Portland cement-based stucco incorporates vapor permeable paints to resist penetration of rainwater and allow the moisture to dry externally. When water does penetrate the surface, the moisture that enters will reach the interior masonry surfaces and be stored there until it eventually dries.

With wood-framed or steel stud walls sheathed in gypsum or plywood boards, the stucco exterior surface can be separated from the sheathing with a gap or cavity. To accomplish this, building paper and metal lath is placed over the gypsum or plywood subsurface before the stucco is applied. In a short time, the building papers absorb moisture, crinkle, and shrink, thereby creating a perfect drainage gap between the stucco exterior and the interior surface. As a result, moisture that does penetrate the stucco surface reaches the space and eventually drains out of the wall through weep screeds or flashing system. Adequately installed weep screeds also prevent moisture from wicking up into the outside walls while providing continuous drainage.

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ProCoat Systems specialists are experts in the installation, design, and management of all types of claddings. To understand more about the elimination of moisture problems in stucco and other claddings, contact ProCoat for more information.

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cultured stone

Advantages of Cultured Stone Over Natural Stone Veneers

ProCoat - January 15, 2020
beacon pro plus online Increasingly, Cultured Stone® by Boral is the first choice of home and business owners looking for a beautiful and economical cladding for interior or exterior walls, fireplaces, and vertical columns. Cultured Stone is durable and versatile, perfect for nearly any application. Lighter weight and easier to install that natural stone products, cultured stone requires less cutting and shaping, thereby resulting in easier installation and less waste.

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EIFS finish coat

10 Steps for the Perfect EIFS Application

ProCoat - January 13, 2020

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EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a cladding technique designed to protect and insulate buildings while reducing energy costs. Though a very specific layering process, starting inside the building and extending to the outer wall, the EIFS process insulates while preventing moisture build-up within the system.

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realstone™ slate fireplace stone veneer

Installing a Fireplace Rock Veneer: Know Before You Go

ProCoat - February 19, 2019

realstone™ slate fireplace stone veneer
Instead of tearing out and replacing that outdated fireplace that makes your home seem old and boring, consider a fireplace rock veneer from ProCoat in Salt Lake City. ProCoat has the answer to the style and budget questions that have been nagging you since you first became aware your fireplace needed help. (more…)

Planning a Patio with Pavers

ProCoat - February 11, 2019

Patio with Pavers

Patios built with quality pavers offer many advantages over other types of surfaces. Available in a wide range of attractive styles and colors, a well-installed paver patio can add a delightful ambiance to outdoor living areas. (more…)

EIFS Wall Systems Are Not a Recent Discovery

ProCoat - January 26, 2019

In 1963, Stotmeister & Company, later known as STO™ CORP, created an acrylic-based wall system that can be applied as an insulating coating on building exteriors. The result was a more attractive exterior with dramatically improved energy efficiency. In those 53 years, Exterior Insulations and Finish Systems (EIFS) have evolved in a broad range of colors, textures, and energy-saving capabilities. EIFS may be applied to virtually any building to protect and improve the outer appearance and extend the structure’s useful life while reducing energy costs. (more…)

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