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Effective Waterproof Protection Will Save Money Later

ProCoat - February 4, 2020

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Effective waterproofing systems are necessary to preserve the integrity of roofs, walls, and everything within. With any construction or remodel, anticipating the effects of potential water intrusion with proper waterproofing, drainage, and water management is absolutely essential. An investment in professional waterproofing materials and applications to ensure that roofs, foundation walls, and other areas are properly protected from moisture will save thousands of dollars later.

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Waterproofing Solutions

 ProCoat Systems Waterproofing

ProCoat Systems offers a whole range of water protection for every type of structure. Whether new construction or a major remodel, ProCoat’s menu of waterproofing membranes and materials are impervious to water and moisture and will fully protect the structure within. A careful analysis of the type of building, location, and the potential future presence of moisture will determine the type of waterproofing that should be built into a structure for maximum protection.

One size does not fit all when waterproofing is involved. Low-slope buildings, for example, require a more robust water management system than some other types of structures. Therefore, it is important that experts like ProCoat Systems evaluate the need and identify the best solutions for water management.

 ProCoat Waterproofing Systems

ProCoat Systems offers a range of waterproofing systems to protect different types and locations of structures. ProCoat offers membranes in sheet form or in liquid, plus rubber waterproofing for roofs and paver systems. Bentonite clay waterproofing is a geo-membrane that can be applied for below-grade as well as for concrete and blindside waterproofing. Elastomeric urethane deck coating is used as surface-applied waterproofing for buildings and decks.

Additionally, ProCoat has drain board and drainage composites to help below-ground membranes to keep foundations dry.

Other Types of Waterproofing Systems

For heavy traffic areas like parking decks, protecting the substrata such as concrete and reinforcing steel from deterioration will lengthen the useful life of the structure significantly. These materials also prevent the moisture from seeping below to cause further harm.

For low-sloped or flat-top structures, ProCoat offers a synthetic rubber roofing membrane, EDPM, made from ethylene and propylene. The product is durable and available in thicknesses of 45 and 60 mils. The seams of the membrane are sealed with a liquid adhesive or specialized tape.

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In the Rocky Mountain region, the regular presence of moisture and ice can be extremely harmful to any structure. One key to long-lasting strength and performance for any structure is waterproof protection at any exposed component. Thorough protection today will save in the long-term.

Contact ProCoat Systems to discuss their entire line of commercial waterproofing options.


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