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Why is Cultured Stone So Popular?

ProCoat - February 11, 2020

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Home and business owners throughout the country are enjoying the beauty and convenience of cultured stone veneers without all the additional cost and inconvenience of natural stone products. Attractive, lighter weight, easy to install, durable, and even more environmentally sustainable, more homeowners and high-end builders are choosing cultured stone veneers for their upgraded construction. For existing homes, changing the facade from a standard wood siding to an elegant and attractive stone facing enhances the curb appeal immeasurably. For a new home, a high-quality cultured stone veneer adds significant appeal to even the simplest home design.

ProCoat Systems  offers the finest cultured stone products from the two leading brands: Boral® and Rock-It Natural Stone.

Affordability and Durability

Cultured stone veneers are more affordable and practical than natural stone products. They are lighter in weight and require less cutting and shaping than natural products need. These high quality and durable cultured stone materials are produced in a wide range of stone styles, textures, and colors to match any preference.

Reductions in freight costs, handling, waste, and the labor required to apply add up a significant reduction in cost compared to natural stone products.

Cultured stone products from ProCoat will last a lifetime and, when properly installed, will prevent moisture from accumulating between the material and the subsurface.

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Beauty and Style

Cultured Stone® by Boral and Coronado Stone Products are the industry’s leading brands of manufactured stone veneers, brick, and tile products. With a broad range of styles like slate, limestone, ledgestone, brick, coral, cobblestone, fieldstone, river rock, or even stone that looks like wood, ProCoat can offer hundreds of colors and textures to make any home unique and more interesting. These materials are ideal for both interior and exterior cladding.

Durable and Weather Resistant

High-quality stone veneer products are resistant to rain, wind, snow, and cold weather. The materials require very little maintenance compared to wood siding, are easily more durable, and the colors will not fade.

Environmentally Positive

Produced with a high percentage of recycled materials, cultured stone products require less energy to produce, transport, and install than natural stone products, As a result, the net effect on the environment is far lower than with natural stone.

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For more information regarding the significant advantages of cultured stone products, all the ProStone experts to discuss the superior qualities of cultured stone products. 

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Advantages of Cultured Stone Over Natural Stone Veneers

ProCoat - January 15, 2020
beacon pro plus online Increasingly, Cultured Stone® by Boral is the first choice of home and business owners looking for a beautiful and economical cladding for interior or exterior walls, fireplaces, and vertical columns. Cultured Stone is durable and versatile, perfect for nearly any application. Lighter weight and easier to install that natural stone products, cultured stone requires less cutting and shaping, thereby resulting in easier installation and less waste.

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Advantages of Lightweight Cultured Stone

ProCoat - October 10, 2017

A Guide to Sealing a Cultured Stone Fireplace Surround

Beautiful and long-lasting Cultured Stone® for both interior or exterior surfaces brings style and charm to a residence without breaking the bank. Lightweight, durable, and easier to apply than quarried stone products, Cultured Stone veneers are about one-quarter the thickness of real stone at about one-third of the cost. (more…)

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Boral Cultured Stone Veneer from ProCoat Adds Elegance and Value

ProCoat - July 12, 2017

boral cultured stoneFew improvements create a warmer or more elegant atmosphere than a stone veneer covering for a fireplace or exterior wall. Boral® has been creating high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and affordable cultured stone options for over 50 years. Partnering with ProCoat of Denver, Boral offers a broad range of attractive stone solutions for use in and around beautiful homes. (more…)

The Case For Sealing Fireplace Surrounds Using Cultured Stone In Denver

ProCoat - November 3, 2016

Cultured Stone in Denver is a popular choice for fireplace surrounds. Made entirely of lightweight molded/colored concrete panels, cultured stone is frequently chosen for fireplace surround installations, especially when affixed over older red brick that looks outdated. (more…)

Cultured stone in Salt Lake City is Growing in Popularity – and for good reason!

ProCoat - October 21, 2016

With median new home prices in Salt Lake City topping $300,000, it’s a given that homebuilders and homeowners won’t tolerate the run-of-the-mill building features that are standard on lower-level homes. Cultured stone in Salt Lake City and lots of it, can take a home’s exterior from blah to wow with not as much money as one would think. (more…)

Cultured Stone in Denver? Boral Makes The Greenest

ProCoat - November 13, 2015

procoatMany Coloradans bring an environmental sensibility to their building or remodeling projects, and as a long-time building supplies distributor, Procoat Systems embraces and fosters that sensibility in the products they choose to represent in their Denver and Fort Collins showrooms. If our contractors have clients who are looking for an ecologically sound cultured stone veneer product for their Denver area project, Cultured Stone by Boral is the giant and innovator of this category of product. They are also one of the greenest choices to make when adding the look of cultured stone veneer to building projects. (more…)

Cultured Stone and the Virtues of Lighter Weight

ProCoat - September 21, 2015

Here at ProCoat Systems of Denver we have previously highlighted how the thermal mass of the stone veneer products we carry could be leveraged to make homes a bit more energy efficient by capturing solar heat.

However, that bit of energy savings only scratches the surface of how environmentally friendly stone veneer is when compared to a traditional whole stone product from quarry. (more…)

From the Stucco and Stone Division

ProCoat - February 25, 2013

From the Stucco and Stone DivisionProcoat Systems has been selling and stocking Boral – Cultured Stone since 2004. Widely recognized as the industry leader,  Cultured Stone continually strives to offer the highest quality standards available; focusing on providing the most authentic looking, environmentally sustainable and design leading in manufactured stone products available. Cultured Stone has unveiled their newest colors and patterns for 2013. Please Click Here for a preview. Samples are available for viewing at our showroom in Denver. Please stop by our Denver and Fort Collins showrooms to see the new colors and patterns, as well as the full line of Cultured Stone stone products.

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