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Boral Versetta Stone Veneer

ProCoat - January 8, 2019
stone veneers


A global leader in high-quality material and construction materials, Boral Limited continues to develop innovative easy-to-install solutions that create style, grandeur, and sustainability for interior and exterior surfaces. The Versetta line of manufactured stone veneers provide home and business owners a wide range of new looks for new construction or remodeling. (more…)

The Outdoor Installation of Manufactured Stone Veneer in Denver: Freeze/Thaw Considerations

ProCoat - December 15, 2018

Here at ProCoat Systems of Denver, we’re not going to tell you how to go about your business of installing manufactured stone veneer in the Denver region, but we are going to assert that you can never tire of instructing employees or subcontractors on how to do things right the first time so you don’t wind up on call-backs, unnecessarily repairing or reinstalling product for a disappointed client, not to mention the fact that it could impact your stellar reputation. (more…)

stone veneer uses

The Ins and Outs of Stone Veneers

ProCoat - July 24, 2018

stone veneer usesQuality stone veneer is becoming the material of choice for many home construction and remodeling projects. Beautiful, natural-looking, durable, lightweight, easy to install, and economical, stone veneers offer a highly sustainable option for interior and exterior use. (more…)

manufactured stone veneer

Upgrade with a Stone Veneer Style for Any Application

ProCoat - May 3, 2018

stone veneer styles

High quality manufactured stone veneers can change the characteristic ambiance of any room from boring to elegant, stylish or comforting depending on the style chosen. Whether creating a dramatic focal point with a new fireplace surround or spawning a spa-like effect with stone cladding on your bathroom wall, the change can be profound.  (more…)

manufactured stone veneer

What is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

ProCoat - March 6, 2018

manufactured stone veneer

For clients looking for all the beautiful and dramatic appeal of interior stone walls and fireplace surrounds, today’s stunning manufactured stone products can be the right answer. Slightly lighter in weight, easier to install, and as beautiful as natural stone, manufactured stone offers a long-lasting and economical solution. With a wide range of choice in color, texture, shape, and stone type, these beautiful products provide design flexibility and visual appeal unmatched by other types of wall coverings. (more…)

interior veneer stone

Create a Backyard Fire pit with Manufactured Stone Veneer

ProCoat - February 2, 2018

manufactured stone veneerWhile a backyard fire pit can be another focal point in a well-designed landscape, the structure is also an additional focal point for group fun and enjoyment on a cool, starry night. Whether for relaxing and enjoying the space with family and friends or simply providing a place to lean back and reflect on the day’s activities, a beautiful manufactured stone veneer firepit provides another great option for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space. (more…)

Manufactured Stone Veneer—All of the Appearance, None of the Difficulties of Natural Stone Installation

ProCoat - November 7, 2016

Manufactured stone veneer, such as that made by Coronado Stone, and carried by ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City, has decades of successful use as an adhered, non-load-bearing exterior veneer or an interior finish and trim. As such, it is commonly installed upon walls of wood stud or light steel stud construction or masonry walls. If you aren’t already installing manufactured stone veneer, we can arrange product demonstrations and training to interested contractors. After all, our successes and yours are linked by every professional-looking installation we can achieve working together. (more…)

Manufactured Stone Vaneer

Manufactured Stone Veneer: Cover Those Expanses of Ugly Poured Concrete

ProCoat - November 25, 2015

When your clients are looking for exciting and unique manufactured stone veneer in Denver, make an appointment to swing by ProCoat Systems and see one of Coronado’s latest offerings—Yukon Rubble. Though the name is a little unusual, the product itself is a gorgeous take on the more traditional ledge stone dry stacked look. Where traditional looking ledge stone can be considered a bit too uniform, that can’t be said of the size variations of the “stones” in this pattern, one that makes it look as if a master stone mason took the time to select each individual piece for installation.  (more…)

Dispelling Some Marketing Myths Surrounding Manufactured Stone Veneers

ProCoat - October 27, 2015

At ProCoat Systems of Denver and Fort Collins, we never cease to be amazed by the marketing literature back and forth between the manufacturers of natural stone veneers and the makers of manufactured stone veneers. If you long peruse the internet regarding this debate you’d be excused if you thought natural stone veneers were too heavy and expensive to use on a stick frame built house and that if you opted for manufactured stone veneer you’d be fated to watch it discolor before your eyes and crumble from the wall. (more…)

How ProCoat Systems is Bringing Back the Rustic Look to Front Range Homesteads

ProCoat - September 28, 2015

When we launched ProCoat Systems in 1984 with just one product, there was no telling how ultimately successful we would be. Fast forward over thirty years and we can look back proudly on how we have transformed the visual aesthetic of the region. Where once there were endless runs of bare commercial cinder block walls and acres of vinyl siding and other wood siding substitutes, there are stucco clad buildings and thin stone veneer facades providing visual interest to formerly bland homes. The cities of the Front Range definitely look better for us having taken that leap of faith all of those years ago. (more…)

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