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Silane Based Sealants, Also Useful For Natural Stone Veneers in Denver

ProCoat - December 21, 2018

In our previous article (link), we detailed the importance of running proper caps and using sealants on a manufactured stone veneer installation in Denver because of the dangers posed by the freeze/thaw cycle here.

Anywhere running water or snow accumulation holds the potential to attack even a natural stone veneer installation, the use of a silane based sealant is a terrific idea and shouldn’t even be considered optional. (more…)

natural stone veneer

How to Clean and Maintain Natural Stone Veneer

ProCoat - August 10, 2018

natural stone veneerNatural stone veneer is a popular solution for new home construction and remodeling projects. Drive through any newly developed neighborhood and natural stone claddings are featured on the exterior of most homes. Stone projects permanence and class. (more…)

real stone veneer products

Advantages of RealStone Natural Stone Veneer

ProCoat - August 1, 2018

real stone veneer productsFor both interior and exterior fireplaces and wall coverings, no other material offers the beauty, elegance, and durability of stone. While raw natural stone requires the skills of an experienced stone mason, RealStone Systems™ forges products from true natural stone that are easier to apply, require no shaping, and eliminate waste. (more…)

exterior stone veneer

The Versatility of Beautiful Stone Veneer

ProCoat - July 10, 2018

Stone VeneerStone veneer can be a beautiful, long-lasting and stylish addition to any home or business interior or exterior. By providing texture, atmosphere, and refinement to any room or exterior structure, manufactured stone veneers are a high-quality cladding for fireplace surrounds, interior walls, exterior columns and wainscoting, and other elements. (more…)

Bring Real Drama to Your Remodeling Project with Boral Cultured Stone Veneers

ProCoat - April 25, 2018

boral stone veneer

The world’s leading producer of manufactured stone veneer products, Boral has developed its state-of-the-art Cultured Stone® to be a beautiful, durable, and practical solution for any architectural project. With a broad range of stone types, textures, and colors, Cultured Stone veneers perform well in both exterior and interior settings to provide an elegant, stately appearance. (more…)

natural stone veneer

Outstanding Advantages of Real Stone Veneer

ProCoat - February 20, 2018

real stone veneerAlthough many of the manufactured stone veneers have reached a high level of quality, nothing can match the beauty and elegance of real stone veneers for interior and exterior surfaces. While manufactured products can be expected to last for decades, real stone is virtually eternal. (more…)

RealStone Systems Granite Stone Veneer for Denver—Expect The Unexpected

Is Stone Veneer Effective Against Water Intrusion?

ProCoat - October 24, 2017

RealStone Systems Granite Stone Veneer for Denver—Expect The UnexpectedOne of the critical decision points regarding the installation of natural stone veneers for interior or exterior walls pertains to how well these coatings will resist water intrusion. Considerable effort has been expended to identify the best strategies for resisting the effects of water exposure to retain a dry and mold-free environment throughout the building. (more…)

natural stone veneer fireplace

Design your natural, stone veneer fireplace to complement your home

ProCoat - June 26, 2017

natural stone veneer fireplaceDesign your natural, stone veneer fireplace to complement your home

Your natural stone veneer fireplace might be in the great room where your family gathers, or it might be in the formal living room where you entertain friends. Either way it’s sure to be the focal point of the room. So, it’s important that your new fireplace complement your decor. How to do that? Begin by answering some basic questions and then move on to design details. (more…)

retaining wall blocks

Coronado Veneer Stone

ProCoat - May 10, 2017

coronado veneer stone

Adding Coronado stone veneer to any interior or exterior feature of a home or building is an attractive, economical way to to convert a tired, drab appearance into an elegant and inviting location. Owners of businesses and public buildings and many homeowners have adopted Coronado stone veneers to upgrade the style and feel of their properties. (more…)

ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City—The Area’s Best Supplier of Natural Stone Veneer

ProCoat - November 21, 2016

At ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City we are committed to bringing the area’s contractors and design professionals only the very best in natural stone veneer product lines. That’s why we carry a full selection of installation solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications that are hand assembled thin stone veneer quarried from sources in Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. (more…)

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