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ProCoat Systems, Salt Lake City to Introduce Sto Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) To UT Construction Market

ProCoat - May 22, 2016

Stucco Installation


May 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT– ProCoat Systems SLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of roofing giant Beacon Roofing Supply (BECN) has announced the availability of Sto Corporation’s, EIFS products to Utah contractors through its new store in West Valley City. ProCoat’s offering of this product line allows contractors to better design creative residential and commercial projects where stucco is desired, but with a greater variation of colors and textures. Sto’s EIFS products can be tinted to any of about 800 hues, as well as mimic stone and brick. (more…)

ProCoat Systems Branches Out to the Vibrant Salt Lake City Construction Market

ProCoat - April 27, 2016

New Store fills a need for natural stone veneer, EIFS/stucco materiPR-ProCoat-stone-veneerals in Salt Lake

Stone Veneer Salt Lake CityApril 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT – ProCoat Systems, a company that has served the Colorado region for decades by offering top-of-the-line cultured and natural stone veneers, stuccos and EIFS systems, waterproofing and air barrier systems for commercial and residential construction, recently expanded to serve the vibrant Salt Lake City market. From their West Valley City location, ProCoat Systems brings with them their many years of diverse product expertise regarding building cladding, the creation of visually striking interior accent walls, fireplace veneers, and other interior design detailing, as well as representing the best products for concrete and exterior waterproofing of both the building envelop or concrete surface. Building on their core product lines; stucco and stone veneer, Salt Lake City building contractors will now have one location to source their exterior building materials.

“Salt Lake City is a building market that was primed for the type of construction building products our company was built upon,” said Martin Diner, product manager of both Salt Lake and Colorado markets. “With the backing of our parent company, Beacon Roofing Supply (BECN), we can enter the market with a full line of our key building products in each category, as well as have the space and the experienced personnel to offer contractor’s a one-stop location for almost every product that is offered to protect the exterior envelop of a building.”

ProCoat Systems remains an integral part of transforming the visual landscape of the Denver region’s upscale shops, eateries, entertainment spaces and residences through providing world-class building cladding products and expert advice to professional contractors, designers and builders. They expect to bring the same type of transformation support to the Salt Lake City region, where exciting combinations of modern stucco and stone veneers, whether inside or out, can provide limitless looks of elegance while providing unmatched durability and low maintenance compared to lap siding.

ProCoat Systems is not all about visual flair either. They also cover contractor’s needs on the fundamentals of making installations stand the test of time; carrying everything needed to complete the waterproofing of concrete decks and walls of various constructions. Their employees understand better than most what a contractor needs to complete a project with little interruption or problem call backs. Procoat System’s not only carries waterproof applications, membranes, and fabrics, they also carry a complete line of expansion joints, fasteners, structural wire, caulking and other products to keep contractors on time and on budget.

Contact ProCoat SLC

ProCoat Systems is driven to help contractors achieve the design expectations of home owners and builders by carrying only the best materials available and backing them with all of the expertise and advice needed to address even the most challenging building situations. Contact Procoat Systems Salt Lake City today for the best building cladding and most advanced waterproofing products available in Salt Lake City.  For a free consultation, call 801.410.4345, or visit our showroom at 2371 3600 W, West Valley City, UT.

Procoat Systems Brings Salt Lake City Stone Veneer To Building Industry

ProCoat - March 25, 2016

Manufactured and Natural Stone Veneer Products Fill Both High-End to Economy Building Needs

March 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT – Filling a growing demand for quality stone cladding in the Utah commercial and residential building markets, ProCoat Systems has announced it will offer both manufactured and natural stone veneer products in Salt Lake City and surrounding markets.

When you travel to historic cities both in North America and Europe, the buildings that have stood the greatest test of time are either made from, or sheathed in, granite, slate, or a quartzite-based dimensional stone. Now Procoat Systems, with it’s new West Valley City warehouse, will stock natural and manufactured stone veneer in a thin stone version that Utah homeowners, contractors or builders can add to almost any home or business interior or exterior surface.

PR procoat SLC KW Stone Veneer SLC 3-16“A part of the historic durability of stone cladding was the massive weight and thickness of the material, but the greater part is the density and the non-porosity of the stone itself,” Said Martin Diner, senior manager at ProCoat Systems. “The products we are offering eliminates all the downside of real stone cladding – the massive weight, massive cost and specialized stone masonry skillset to install – with products like Realstone System’s “Estate” line that provides the hardness of some of the best stone ever used architecturally, but at a fraction of the weight and expense.”

Estate Stone natural stone veneer currently comes in four varieties, each evoking the Old World look of a manor house of yesteryear:

Berkshire Buff

This product features off-white quartzite in a dry stacked large block format. It speaks to the repurposing of ruined fortifications and the erection of timeless places of worship that dot this part of England.

Bristol Black

This natural stone veneer is composed of black granite with grey and white striations. The irregular square and rectangular pieces are hand assembled at the factory to give a uniform color with interesting visual details.

Greystone Gold

Featuring a look that trends more towards a ledge stone dry stack style this option features grey colored quartzite flecked and veined throughout by gold tones. This product is model upon the old stone houses and buildings found in Northern Ireland.

Somerset Sage

Like its name implies, this is green tinted slate with auburn highlights is intended to call to mind the large manor houses and low stone walls found in Somerset County, England. The rolling coastal hillsides there overlook the ocean at  the Bristol Channel and seem to yield an endless supply of stones that capture the color of the local green sea.

Properly backed by stainless steel mesh and epoxy, so long as the supporting wall will not deflect, there is no height limit to the installation of these natural stone veneer panels that weigh only 12-13 pounds each.

Contact ProCoat SLC

Clients who want to build a timeless classic for the ages, ProCoat Systems has all of the materials and expertise needed to help them achieve that dream. Contact us today for the best in stone veneer products in Salt Lake City – for a free consultation, call 801.410.4345, or visit our showroom at 2371 3600 W, West Valley City Utah.

ProCoat Systems Opens New Location in Salt Lake City, UT

ProCoat - December 2, 2015

Salt Lake City, UT – December 2, 2015— ProCoat Systems is pleased to announce the grand opening of a new branch in West Valley City, UT

The new branch, located at 2371 – 3600 West, West Valley City, UT; supplies professional contractors, builders and remodelers with a wide selection of building materials for residential and commercial projects from the nation’s most recognized brands.   The new store marks a return to the Utah market for ProCoat, who had previously operated a Salt Lake City location from 1992 – 2002.   The products offered at the new store include waterproofing, sealants, liquid air/moisture barriers, deck coatings, EIFS, stucco, high performance coatings, manufactured and natural stone.  Additionally, ProCoat Systems will be the exclusive distributor of STO EIFS, stucco, and coatings products in the Utah market. (more…)

Natural Stone Veneer Becomes Art In It’s Own Right

ProCoat - September 12, 2015

With stone cladding for homes, it used to be “function over form”, mainly because with limited styles, that was all it could be: real or manufactured stone that looked just “ok” but did the job it was intended to do: protect the exterior from the elements. Then, as manufactured stone became more sophisticated in emulating natural stone veneer, creators let their artistic side come through. Now, “form” and “function” have equal billing.  (more…)

Turn Your Basic Retaining Wall into a Landscape Highlight with Stone Veneer from Denver’s ProCoat Systems

ProCoat - July 31, 2015

When it comes to creating dramatic visual appeal of your landscape, most homeowners overlook the potential of retaining walls. Although they may seem like simple structural components, with the right design, they can make a great eye-catching landscape element to give your yard flair. Our Denver experts at ProCoat Systems outline some advice on why you should consider stone veneer for your project. (more…)

Add Flair to Your Real Estate Rehab Projects with Thin Stone Veneer from ProCoat Systems

ProCoat - May 31, 2015

Denver, CO – May 15, 2015 – Denver-based stone veneer supplier ProCoat Systemsis  touting the benefits of using thin stone veneer to add flair to your real estate upgrades. (more…)

Colorado in the 2014 Top Ten for LEED-Certified Buildings – Join the Movement with Guidance and Products from Patio Pavers at ProCoat Systems

ProCoat - May 7, 2015

Denver, CO – Denver-based patio pavers at ProCoat Systems are urging customers to help Colorado maintain their number 2 position in the US Green Building Council’s 2014 Top 10 LEED-Certified States report. With 102 certified projects and approximately 16 million square feet of space in 2014, Colorado is making waves with their commitment to energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. (more…)

Manufactured Stone Veneer Ranks Second on Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Ratio Report

ProCoat - April 7, 2015

Denver, CO – March 7, 2015 – Denver-based company ProCoat Systems is emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of manufactured stone veneer for anyone looking for an ideal material to use in upgrading their home. In Remodeling Magazine’s recent 2015 Cost vs. Value Ratio report this type of stone veneer ranked second, supporting the assertions of ProCoat systems and giving homeowners a great and affordable remodeling material.

Remodeling Magazine’s report showed that manufactured stone veneer yields a 92.2% return on investment, making it a great choice for homeowners looking for an affordable veneer choice for their home. In addition to their affordable price, these veneers are very simple to install, giving them an ease of use not found in other veneer installation procedures. (more…)

ProCoat Systems Explores Why Stone Veneer Is Gaining Recognition as an Energy-Saving Design Element

ProCoat - February 23, 2015

Denver, CO – Denver-based company ProCoat Systems is exploring why stone veneer is a great choice for those looking to save energy in their home. During times of extreme heat and cold, stone veneer can help you better control the temperature of your home and reduce your energy bill.

Stone veneer possesses a high thermal mass, which indicates a good ability to store the energy created by heat. With this in mind, your veneer can be strategically placed in areas where it will be most likely to collect and distribute solar heat. Some examples include south-facing windows and glass doors panels. (more…)

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