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Protect Your Concrete Deck with the Best Waterproofing Formulas

ProCoat - May 9, 2018

Concrete decking should be durable and long-lasting. However, they are susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Whether as a parking garage surface, office building projection or viewpoint, or home deck surface, these structures are subject to significant exterior exposure. In climates with significant rainfall and wide temperature variances, high-quality waterproofing materials are used to protect concrete surfaces from cracking or shrinking. Damage may result from groundwater or storm water runoff or many other causes.  (more…)

How to Save Considerable Time and Money on Concrete Waterproofing in Salt Lake City

ProCoat - April 11, 2016

Concrete WaterproofingAt ProCoat Systems, only after we thoroughly research and test a product do we then carry difference-making products for our Salt Lake City and Colorado contracting professionals. Some of these product lines, such as Carlise CCW waterproofing products, do present with a higher per pail cost up front. However, when you calculate the time and labor savings that can be realized by using a more advanced cold applied waterproofing solution, the price difference upfront becomes a non-factor.

Let’s use Carlise’s CCW MiraSEAL 100% Solids Cold Fluid Applied Waterproofing as an example of how an advanced product actually saves you money through its superior application speed.

First, note that the product is described as “100% solids.” Most competing cold fluid applied products are at most 90% solids. Why does this matter? For one, the water content of the traditional cold applied concrete waterproofing means that the green concrete has to cure a minimum of 14 days before application can begin. With the MiraSEAL product, application can begin in as little as three days after the finishing of the concrete pour. Right off of the bat, your crew can begin the waterproofing application in Salt Lake City up to 11 days earlier, a crucial difference that can give you an extra margin for staying on time and within budget.

Furthermore MiraSEAL itself cures at a four-hour minimum while competing products require twelve hours due to being wetter when applied. Not only do you get to coat a deck earlier with MiraSEAL, each section can be applied faster, flood tested sooner, and the entire project completed before you could even begin while using a traditional cold applied waterproofing system.

Secondly, MiraSEAL covers more square footage per gallon than less advanced products. While achieving the desired 120 mil thickness, MiraSEAL covers 13.4 sq. ft./gallon, while 90% solid products are thinner and only cover about 12 sq. ft./gallon. So in addition to having pails of faster curing product that go further per pail, thus making the cost per pail less of a concern, you also get less waste on the backside of the job as fewer pails will be used.

If you are interested in learning more about Carlise’s cold applied waterproofing solutions in Salt Lake City or Colorado that covers more concrete, reduce curing times dramatically, and save you money in crew time and waste disposal, contact our waterproofing expert, Randy Diner, at ProCoat Systems of Denver today.

Procoat Systems: Waterproofing

ProCoat - March 25, 2013

Procoat Systems WaterproofingHYDRO ACTIVE® Cut Hot Shot Cartridge is hydrophobic polyurethane that comes complete with cartridge, dasher rod and nozzle. It is designed to fill large voids such as rock fissures, gravel layers, joints/cracks in concrete structures and for the cut-off of gushing water with high pressure and speed.
• Sealing larger volume leaks thru concrete cracks and fissures
• Filling voids
• Stabilizing soil or gravel
• Tunneling applications
At ProCoat Systems, we carry polyurethane grouts that you can use on the go. Whether you’re in a pinch or you have a small job, the above kits will get the job done!
On the go De Neef Solutions!
Pipe Plug Kit is a unique product for sealing electrical conduits and other irregular annular spaces. It’s a self-contained kit that has everything you need to apply.
The kit holds rubber gloves, 16oz of Combi Grout, batting and Flex Cat Activator. The kit has enough material to seal the inside of a 4” diameter pipe
• Free foam expansion 15 times initial volume
• No volatile solvents & Non-Flammable
• No measuring needed.
• Used for Electrical Conduits and Filling Irregular Spaces

From Waterproofing: Carsisle Miradrain Drainage Composites

ProCoat - March 11, 2013

From Waterproofing Carsisle Miradrain Drainage Composites

At ProCoat Systems, we carry Carlisle’s Miradrain Drainage Composites. All Miradrain drainage composites are available in 4’ x 50’ rolls.

  • Miradrain 2000 is an economical drainage mat for shallow depth foundation walls. With an intermediate flow rate and compression strength, Miradrain 2000 is practical for residential and light commercial applications.
  • Miradrain 6000/6200 is the industry standard for high-flow, high compressive strength vertical single sided applications. Miradrain 6200 is used over MiraDri membranes.
  • Miradrain 9000 is for high-compressive strength for horizontal applications. The Miradrain 9000 limits the occurrence of the fabric meshing into the drainage channel by having a high-strength woven geotextile fabric. Its features give the rolls popular use among plaza decks, parking decks and split slab.
  • Miradrain 9800 is the heavyweight non-woven geotextile fabric offers preventing small particles of soil clogging drainage channels. Miradrain 9800 is ideal for green roofs, planters and landscaping.

Miradrain Comparison Chart

Miradrain 2000 Miradrain 6000/6200 Miradrain 9000 Miradrain 9800
Thickness (inches)





Compressive strength (psf)





Max flow rate (gpm/ft)





Geotextile Fabric





Installed Vertically





Installed Horizontally





Please contact Forrest or Sam in the office if you would like more information or samples.



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