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Concrete Repair & Restoration

ProSoCo Concrete Restoration

The ProSoCo concrete restoration line from ProCoat includes every product you need to restore and finish concrete.
ProSoCo Concrete Restoration

ProSoCo Products

Do you have concrete surfaces in need of repair or resurfacing? ProCoat offers an expansive line up of concrete restoration and repair mortars, grouts, epoxies, and accessory products to help you masterfully manage any concrete repair. Though concrete is among the most durable building products, over the lifespan of concrete wear and tear from daily use, exposure to chemicals, weather, and extreme temperatures can take a toll, making the need for repairs inevitable. Luckily, you can easily repair many common concrete issues with the right combination of concrete restoration and repair products.

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Concrete Repair & Resoration

Concrete Plays an Integral Role in Building Structure & Sustainability

Concrete restoration will restore a slab to its former good looks; however, concrete repair is about more than appearance. Concrete plays a vital role in structural stability, ensuring your building will stand the test of time. It is also an essential component of the building envelope, guarding against unwanted air infiltration and exfiltration, and supporting a greener build.

ProCoat offers Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly Concrete Restoration & Repair Solutions From Many Manufacturers

Concrete restoration is less expensive than new construction. It reduces waste, keeping building materials out of the landfill. Whether you are simply restoring the finish of concrete to its original appearance or repairing structural issues such as cracks and sinkage, ProCoat offers a range of solutions to meet your needs. With our trusted product lines, you can achieve the looks and function of a brand new concrete, saving time and money while ensuring the long-term performance of your slabs.

ProSoCo Concrete Prep & Repair

    • Cleaner/Degreaser
      The safest way to remove grease, adhesives, and blemishes.
    • Floor Restorer
      Removes stains from even the dingiest floors.
    • Cure & Seal Remover
      Surface prep for grinding, polishing, penetrating, and protective treatments.
    • First Cut
      Helps you easily remove slurry solids for diamond tooling.
    • First Cut with Densifier
      Grind and densify simultaneously with this unique formula.
    • Grind-N-Fill
      Liquid crack and gap filler.
    • SafEtch
      Removes stains and grout/mortar excesses more safely than acidic cleaners.
    • Oil & Grease Stain Remover
      The ideal solution for stubborn stains and oily, greasy contaminants.
    • PreKlean
      Removes laitance and surface salts from blanket curing on new floors.
    • Wax & Cure Remover
      Quickly removes waxes and acrylics than can prevent flooring treatment penetration.

ProSoCo Polish

    • PolishGuard
      Provides a tough, lasting finish on concrete floors, increasing stain resistance with its protective shine.

ProSoCo Decorative Stains & Dyes

    • Integral Color for Overlays
      UV resistant color for indoor/outdoor use.
    • GemTone Stain
      A deep-penetrating, translucent dye, perfect for transforming dull gray concrete.
    • ColorHard
      A fast, one-step interior/exterior color treatment and hardener.

ProSoCo Hardening & Densifying

    • LS
      Enhance the looks and performance of your concrete with this sealer, hardener, and densifier.
    • LS/CS
      A spray-and-spread reactive silicate hardener, densifier, and dustproofer. No scrubbing/flushing required.
    • Blended Densifier
      For use with steel-troweled or burnished concrete floors.
    • First Cut with Densifier
      Grind and densify in one easy step.

ProSoCo Dustproofing/Suppression

    • LS
      Increases surface hardness to eliminate dusting needs.
    • LS/CS
      Dustproofing for green concrete and existing floors.
    • Blended Densifier
      For reduced maintenance on burnished/steel-troweled concrete floors.

Add new life to old concrete surfaces. Contact ProCoat Systems for help finding solutions to your trickiest concrete repair and restoration challenges today.

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Procoat Concrete Restoration & Repair


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