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BASF Concrete Restoration & Repair Products

Master Builders Solutions by BASF products from ProCoat Systems offer advanced chemical solutions for your toughest concrete restoration and repair challenges. BASF concrete repair and restoration products include an impressive variety of high-performance structural repair and reinforcements, admixtures, grout, and waterproofing options. Designed with constructional professionals in mind, Master Builders Solutions products speed construction, lower costs, ensure building longevity, and uphold energy efficiency, safety, and comfort. With more than 100 years’ experience in the construction industry, Master Builders Solutions' innovation and expertise can help you improve any construction application.

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BASF Concrete Restoration

BASF Concrete Repair & Structural Reinforcement

BASF Master Builders Solutions products encompass a systemic approach, both repairing structures and preventing future problems to ensure lasting building design and optimal performance.

BASF Crack Repair & Bonding

Whether you need fill joints, gaps, and uneven surfaces, to enhance the strength of concrete, extend working times, or speed curing, BASF crack repair and bonding solutions give you the flexibility you need to get the job done.

    • BASF Injection-Style Repair Products- MasterInject 1380
    • BASF Liquid Repair Products- MasterEmaco ADH 326
    • BASF Concrete Repair Pastes- MasterEmaco ADH 327 (Paste)
    • BASF Rapid-Setting Concrete Repair Products- MasterEmaco ADH 1090RS and ADH 327RS

BASF Repair Mortars

BASF repair mortars include solutions for managing multiple application requirements, because every project has different goals. Whether you need to speed set times, extend working times, restore fine architectural details, or cover a large area, BASF’s extensive lineup of durable repair mortars has you covered.

    • BASF Self-Consolidating Repair Mortars
      MasterEmaco S 440
      MasterEmaco S 440CI
      MasterEmaco S 440MC
    • BASF Sprayable Repair Mortars
      MasterEmaco S 210SP
      MasterEmaco S 211SP
    • BASF Traffic-Bearing Repair Mortars
      MasterEmaco S 467RS
      MasterEmaco T 1060ES
      MasterEmaco S 1061EX
      MasterEmaco S 4661CI
      MasterEmaco S 6000
      MasterEmaco T 1060
      MasterEmaco T 1060DR
      MasterEmaco T 1061
      MasterEmaco T 310CI
      MasterEmaco T 430
      MasterEmaco T 5000
      MasterEmaco T 545 & T 545HT
    • BASF Vertical Overhead Repair Mortars
      MasterEmaco N 420 CI
      MasterEmaco N 400
      MasterEmaco N 400RS
      MasterEmaco N 423 RS
      MasterEmaco N 424
      MasterEmaco N 425
      MasterEmaco N 427
      MasterEmaco S 488CI

BASF Carbon Fiber Wraps

BASF carbon fiber wraps are an ideal solution for structurally reinforcing concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures, making them up to 10-times stronger than steel. They are lightweight and powerful, created from fiber-reinforced fabrics wrapped around a structure and coated with epoxy. Thin, flexible, and easy to install, BASF carbon fiber wraps reduce labor and speed construction. Use them to boost the load-bearing capacity of slabs, support beams, and walls, replace damaged/missing reinforcing steel, and to repair or prevent seismic damage.

    • BASF Carbon Fiber Wrap Accessories
      MasterBrace Composite Laminates and Rod
    • BASF Carbon Fiber Fabrics
      MasterBrace FIB 300-50CFS
      MasterBrace FIB 600-50CFS
      MasterBrace FIB 900-50FG
    • BASF Primer
      MasterBrace P 3500
    • BASF Putty
      MasterBrace F 2000
    • BASF Saturants
      MasterBrace SAT 4500
      MasterBrace SAT 4700

BASF Concrete Hydraulic Cement & Waterstops

Stop leaks instantly with Master Builders Solutions hydraulic cement. BASF hydraulic cement provides a watertight seal even with total immersion under hydrostatic pressure. This fast-setting waterstop repair mortar expands rapidly, hardening to a topcoat-ready finish in just 15 minutes. Ideal for use on foundations, basements, retaining walls, in sewers, lift stations, and manholes, and for anchoring vertical bolts.

    • MasterSeal 590
    • MasterSeal 595

BASF Integral Bonding Agents

Ensure durable, long-lasting repairs with BASF integral bonding agents. Added to your concrete or mortar mixture, they improve adhesion, increase impact-resistance, and enhance freeze-thaw stability.

    • MasterEmaco A 400
    • MasterEmaco A 660

BASF Concrete Surface Treatments

Improve concrete aesthetics, strength, and durability with Master Builders Solutions concrete surface treatments, ensuring maximum return-on-investment.

BASF Concrete Curing Compounds

Create strong, beautiful, durable concrete surfaces with BASF concrete curing components. Designed for ease-of-use, including fast-drying, cool-temperature applications, MasterKure compounds ensure your concrete maintains necessary strength requirements, providing a long, stable surface life.

    • Solvent-Based
      MasterKure CC 250SB
      MasterKure CC 250XS
      MasterKure CC 300SB
      MasterKure CC 300XS
    • Water-Based
      MasterKure CC 1315WB
      MasterKure CC 160WB
      MasterKure CC 180WB
      MasterKure CC 200WB
      MasterKure HD 100WB
      MasterKure HD 200WB
      MasterKure HD 300WB

Talk to a building supplies expert at ProCoat Systems about the latest BASF concrete repair technology for your repair or restoration project today.

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