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ProSoCo Concrete Restoration

Polished concrete flooring offers an attractive, cost-effective, durable, and sustainable flooring solution. The ProSoCo concrete restoration line from ProCoat includes every product you need to restore and finish concrete floors, including solutions for concrete prep, concrete repair, coloring, curing, and polishing.

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ProSoCo Concrete Restoration

Why Choose ProSoCo Concrete Restoration Products?

ProSoCo has been a leader in the construction industry for over 80-years, helping builders create structures that look better and last longer with specialty construction chemicals. With ProSoCo products, you can create a beautiful flooring surface that costs 2-3 times less to maintain than traditional flooring options like carpet and tile. A sustainable choice, concrete floors also boast a far longer lifespan, introducing 96% less waste into the environment than carpet or vinyl composite tile.

ProSoCo Offers an Expansive Product Line to Meet Your Concrete Finishing Needs

Concrete Preparation & Repair

    • Cleaner/Degreaser
      Use this commercial-grade cleaner to remove grease, adhesive residue, tire marks, and more. It cleans safely with no harsh acids, solvents, or caustics.
    • Concrete Floor Restorer
      This restorative cleaner removes sources of many common stains, even on the oldest, dingiest floors. Use for a refresh, or to prep for repairs and concrete treatments.
    • Cure & Seal Remover
      The surface prep cleaner you need for penetrating treatments, protective treatments, grinding, and polishing.
    • First Cut
      First Cut lifts and suspends slurry solids for easy removal, clearing the path for more effective diamond tooling.
    • First Cut with Densifier
      Grind and densify at the same time, speeding wet-grind and power-trowel polishing tasks up to 40%.
    • Grind-N-Fill
      This liquid crack and gap filler mixes with dust created in the grinding process, binding and filling small cracks, pop-outs, and pinholes for faster polishing.
    • SafEtch
      A safe, effective alternative to acidic cleaners, perfect for horizontal/vertical surfaces, allowing for the fast removal of construction/atmospheric staining and excess grout/mortar.
    • Oil & Grease Stain Remover
      Apply like a poultice and let dry to pull out stubborn stains and contaminants like oil and grease from pavers, concrete, and stone.
    • PreKlean
      New floor? Remove laitance and surface salts from blanket curing before applying to flooring treatments to ensure a lasting bond.
    • Wax & Cure Remover
      Quickly remove floor waxes and acrylics from concrete that can block grinding/polishing equipment and hinder flooring treatment penetration.

Decorative Concrete Stains & Dyes

    • Integral Color for Overlays
      Water-based and non-hazardous, this UV-resistant liquid color is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Available in 9 colors.
    • GemTone Stain
      This translucent dye penetrates deeper than conventional pigments and acids stains, transforming dull, grey concrete, into a decorative, low-maintenance surface.
    • ColorHard
      A fast, one-step color and hardener for interior/exterior horizontal surfaces. Ready-to-mix with the Consolideck line.

Concrete Hardening & Densifying 

    • LS
      This premium sealer, hardener, and densifier enhances the looks and performance of new and old concrete, improving light reflectance and minimizing maintenance.
    • LS/CS
      A reactive silicate hardener, densifier, and dustproofer, LS/CS does not require scrubbing or flushing like conventional hardeners – simply spray and spread.
    • Blended Densifier
      Specially designed for use with steel-troweled or burnished concrete floors.
    • First Cut with Densifier
      Grind and densify in one easy step, reducing floor cleaning wait times and finishing 40% faster.

Dust Proofing/Suppression

    • LS/CS
      This silicate hardener/densifier can dustproof green concrete and existing floors.
    • LS
      The increased surface hardness imparted by LS premium sealer eliminates dusting.
    • Blended Densifier
      Reduce surface maintenance on steel-troweled or burnished concrete floors.


Apply this protective sealer on interior flooring for a tough, lasting finish. Burnish to a high gloss, or increase the stain resistance of troweled, polished, or decorative surfaces. Perfect for adding a protective shine to any ProSoCo concrete treatment.


    • Cleaning dispensers
    • Applicators
    • Microfiber pads
    • Burnishing pads
    • And more…

Bring your vision to life with ProSoCo concrete restoration products from ProCoat Systems. Add personality and shine to your floors with ProSoCo concrete finishes today.

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