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Construction Sealants

BASF Mastebuilders Caulking Products

BASF Master Builders sealants from ProCoat Systems help guard the surface and interior of your structure.
BASF Caluking Products

BASF Products

Applying sealant where two building surfaces meet is integral to the long-term structural integrity of your building. An essential component of the building envelope and a primary line of defense against harsh exterior conditions, sealants are the solution of choice in situations where openings cannot be closed by other materials such as concrete, mortar, or wood. Properly applied, sealants from ProCoat Systems prevent the passage of air, humidity, fluids, sound, dust, pests, and other unwanted intrusions through the building envelope.

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Construction Sealants

Sealants Offer Many Benefits

    • Preventing moisture infiltration and safeguarding the building structure.
    • Reducing air leaks to ensure a more comfortable, efficient building design.
    • Providing a quieter atmosphere by reducing noise penetration.
    • Protection against insect and rodent infiltration.
    • Serving as a fire-stopping component.

ProCoat Offers A Variety of Construction Sealants from Industry Leaders

Versatile and varied, our sealants are available in many formulations, including those designed for enhanced flexibility, strength, lifespan, corrosion resistance, solubility, and looks.

Master Builders BASF Caulking Products

Master Builders Solutions by BASF
Sealants and Caulking Products

Master Builders Solutions' flexible, high-performance elastomer sealants apply easily to impart lasting protection, offering a large selection of colors.

    • MasterSeal NP 1 Sealant
      A single-component, gun-grade polyurethane sealant requiring no mixing or priming necessary with most materials. Cures to form a long-lasting acoustic seal, reducing sound transmission in partition-style systems.
    • MasterSeal NP 2 Sealant
      Specially formulated to stand up to the rigors of pedestrian and automobile traffic, this two-component, gun-grade polyurethane sealant requires no priming with most materials, offering a long pot life for added working time.
    • MasterSeal NP 150 Premium Sealant
      This high-performance hybrid sealant is compatible with damp surface application and cures quickly. It is a preferred choice for EIFS and stucco wall system applications.
    • MasterSeal SL 1 Self-Leveling Sealant
      A single-component, gun-grade, self-leveling polyurethane sealer designed for horizontal expansion joints. Specially formulated to withstand harsh weather and pedestrian and automobile traffic, it is ideal for use on concrete floors and decks.
    • MasterSeal SL 2 Self-Leveling Sealant
      This two-component polyurethane sealer forms a tough, lasting seal, standing up to the rigors of pedestrian, automobile traffic, and outdoor use. It offers a long pot life, extending working time, and comes in self-leveling and slope-grade formulations.

Ensure a lasting, meticulously finished results. Uncover new ways to improve your building design with sealants from ProCoat Systems Systems today.

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Procoat Construction Sealants


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