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Advantages of Cultured Stone Over Natural Stone Veneers

ProCoat - January 15, 2020
beacon pro plus online Increasingly, Cultured Stone® by Boral is the first choice of home and business owners looking for a beautiful and economical cladding for interior or exterior walls, fireplaces, and vertical columns. Cultured Stone is durable and versatile, perfect for nearly any application. Lighter weight and easier to install that natural stone products, cultured stone requires less cutting and shaping, thereby resulting in easier installation and less waste. In the Rocky Mountain region, Boral’s Cultured Stone is sold and marketed by ProStone Systems of Denver and Salt Lake City.

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Colors and Textures of Cultured Stone

To replicate the natural textures of natural stone, Boral production engineers cast molds of Cultured Stone from carefully selected real stone pieces. A broad range of color selections are created from Portland Cement, natural aggregates, and iron oxide pigments to create a perfect match for natural stone veneers. Boral produces Cultured Stone uses thousands of different molds to eliminate the possibility of duplication in a single lot. Even units produced in the same mold vary in color and highlights. Boral manufactures Cultured Stone in 100 texture and color combinations.

Application of Cultured Stone

Properly applied, Cultured Stone, available from ProCoat in Denver, meets all applicable building code requirements. Details of code compliance are listed within the instructions for the product installation. Cultured Stone should be applied over well-cleaned and structurally sound substrates of wood, concrete, wallboard, brick, or metal and secured with specified Portland Cement mortar. For best results, installation should comply precisely to the product instructions.

Durability of Cultured Stone

Boral offers a 50-year warranty with properly installed of Cultured Stone. The material is resistant to rain, wind, and snow and will retain the original color much like natural stone. The only suggested maintenance is an occasional washing to remove dust and dirt to preserve the original beauty.


Cultured Stone from Boral, available through ProCoat Systems, is easier to install and generates virtually no waste compared to natural stone and stone veneers. Although there is far less cutting and shaping required with Cultured Stone, standard cutting tools like masonry or circular saws are appropriate when needed.

Call ProCoat Systems of Denver

As a partner to the world’s most sophisticated cladding manufacturers, ProCoat Systems supplies builders, remodelers, and installer with long-lasting and beautiful products for new construction and remodel projects. For information regarding the technical aspects and installation of Cultured Stone by Boral, call the ProCoat Building Supply Specialists. 

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