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EIFS Material – Part of the Perfect Wall

ProCoat - January 3, 2019


Buildings of every type are intended to provide essential shelter for everything within. Whether the structure is designed to protect people, animals, equipment, or products, roofing and walls should be able to resist rain, snow, wind, and other natural forces. And in most cases, the walls of buildings that house people and temperature or moisture-sensitive goods should have ample thermal retention and moisture resistant properties.

According to a Building Science Corporation blog, the perfect wall must incorporate layers that provide:

  • Thermal control to keep energy from escaping and maintain proper temperatures.
  • Air control and the ability to prevent unwanted exterior air to enter.
  • Vapor control to keep moisture from penetrating the interior layers of the wall.
  • Rain control to prevent saturation of the inner walls and to prevent water from entering the interior.

Similarly, a properly constructed wall should muffle exterior noise.

How EIFS Has Become the Perfect Wall Solution

Building each of these properties into a long-lasting, economical cladding system has been an engineering evolution. Properly applied EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, does provide all of the necessary thermal air, vapor, and rain control.

EIFS cladding consists of several layers of materials which, when properly applied, maintain significant energy savings while providing a comfortable interior atmosphere for the occupants. EIFS construction consists of the integration of several complementing layers working together to protect the interior of the building.

From the inside out, EIFS layers consist of:

  • Water-resistive barrier over the substrate
  • Drainage plane to eliminate the potential for accumulated moisture
  • Insulation board to minimize energy loss
  • Glass fiber mesh
  • Water-resistant base coat over the insulation applied to the mesh
  • Crack-resistant acrylic co-polymer material, similar in appearance to stucco but with superior rain repellent properties.

Flashing and drain elements are added at the base of the cladding and around windows and doors to allow water to drain downward.

EIFS and the “Perfect Wall”

EIFS was originally developed as a wall cladding to ensure that heat or energy loss would be help at a minimum, much like putting on a heavy coat on a cold day. Over time, new techniques and materials have added even greater moisture control benefits that enhance the durability and effectiveness of the system. With the proper application, EIFS will provide the utmost in comfort while saving significantly on energy costs.

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