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EIFS Wall Systems Are Not a Recent Discovery

ProCoat - January 26, 2019

In 1963, Stotmeister & Company, later known as STO™ CORP, created an acrylic-based wall system that can be applied as an insulating coating on building exteriors. The result was a more attractive exterior with dramatically improved energy efficiency. In those 53 years, Exterior Insulations and Finish Systems (EIFS) have evolved in a broad range of colors, textures, and energy-saving capabilities. EIFS may be applied to virtually any building to protect and improve the outer appearance and extend the structure’s useful life while reducing energy costs.


eifs wall systemsToday ProCoat of Salt Lake City partners with STO CORP to provide EIFS coatings for home, business, and industrial use in Salt Lake City and Denver.


Development of EIFS in the U.S.

The original components for building insulating systems, expanded polystyrene insulation board and organic plaster, were developed in Europe in the 1950s. During the energy crisis of the early 1970s, the demand for improved building energy efficiency rose, and EIFS became a serious construction and renovation option.  According to, by 1995, 200 million square feet of EIFS wall systems were being installed each year in North America.


Application and Versatility of EIFS 

Correctly installed EIFS rejuvenates older structures while notably enhancing the energy efficiency. EIFS wall systems are multi-layered to preserve the integrity, prevent moisture seepage, and protect the interior from harsh ambient conditions.

To create a perfect seal, which is essential, the application of EIFS typically consists of three layers. First, foam insulation board is securely applied to the outer surface. The insulating layer is followed by a base coat of EIFS material reinforced by fiber mesh for long-lasting durability.

The final important step is the application of the surface material that will define the texture and color of the structure. The surface layer seals the EIFS and provides protection from moisture and ambient conditions.

EIFS from ProCoat provides insulation and adapt to just about any architectural style and feature. Whether applied with a smooth or stucco-like texture, expert applicators will create the style and appearance of your choosing. Owners also have the option to add new architectural features such as cornices, columns, and attractive overhangs to add sophistication and personality to the building.


ProCoat Salt Lake City

Call ProCoat of Salt Lake City at 801.410.4345. The product specialists at ProCoat in Salt Lake are trained in the full line of EIFS possibilities and installation procedures for all home and business applications.






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