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Why the Mesh in an EIFS System?

ProCoat - December 15, 2017

eifs or stucco

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) have been around for decades. This building method is intended to create a cladding system that provides the highest level of energy conservation while offering an attractive, low maintenance option for home and business owners.

In recent years, significant improvements have enhanced the performance of EIFS and eliminated all issues pertaining to moisture retention and durability. Advances have come from new techniques and the use of new technologies and materials.

Why is Mesh Used for EIFS?

As with any system, the effectiveness of the building cladding is defined by the combination of strength and compatibility of each component. Every element of EIFS has a specific function and, in tandem, the entire system should provide the desired effect by restricting energy use and keeping moisture and harsh weather outside.

EIFS consists of several layers of specialized materials, each with a specific role in preserving energy and reducing the effects of moisture and other potentially harmful elements. One of the key players in the EIFS combination is the reinforcing mesh that helps the entire group to hold in place to deliver the results.

Reinforcing mesh spans the entire surface of an EIFS installation. In each case, the mesh acts to distribute forces evenly throughout the system to keep problems from accumulating in any single location. The mesh strengthens the entire system Additional, higher-rated mesh will further enhance the structure’s durability and longevity.

Durability of EIFS

Within the several layers and materials required for an efficient EIFS cladding is a durable mesh material. The Exterior Design Institute recommends a high-impact, reinforcing mesh that is double-strand, interwoven glass fiber. The mesh should have an alkaline resistant coating to be compatible with most base coats. The material should be at least 15 oz./square yard, though 20 oz./square yard provides an even more durable surface.

According to EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA), EIFS has been tested and certified by NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) for fire and by the Miami/Dade County (FL) hurricane testing.

Ask ProCoat Systems of Denver about EIFS Mesh

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