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EIFS finish coats

Protect Your Exterior with EIFS Finish Coats

ProCoat - June 5, 2018

EIFS finish coatEIFS, also known as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, is an energy saving and durable cladding consisting of scientifically developed layers of materials that coordinate to restrict the transfer of energy and eliminate the accumulation of moisture. In reality, EIFS works as an overcoat for your home or business.

The exterior layer of EIFS construction is a specially designed EIFS finish coating that incorporates flexible, crack-resistant acrylic copolymer technology that restricts cold and moisture while maintaining an attractive, long-lasting appearance. The material rarely requires reapplication and is designed to resist fading, chalking, or yellowing that occur with other exterior coatings. This original classic stucco-like or other style presentation is designed to look new for decades.

Characteristics of an EIFS Finish Coat

After the home or building has been clad with the EIFS insulated and moisture-removing layers,  it will be time for the exterior finish coat to be applied. The material complements the other layers to seal the EIFS infrastructure. This finish coat imparts the texture, color, and protective nature of the building’s exterior surfaces. The material can be applied in a rough, stucco-like finish or smooth to project a softer, outer texture.

EIFS coatings are softer than real stucco and will deflect when pressure is applied. Resiliency is the reason for EIFS coating’s crack-resistance while true stucco, a stiffer material, is subject to cracking as buildings settle or are subjected to extreme weather variances.

Sto® is the world leader in the development of modern EIFS cladding, coatings, and restoration systems. As a longtime partner and distributor of Sto products, ProCoat Systems of Denver and Salt Lake City offers StoCoat®Lotusan® and StoTherm®, both durable and beautiful stucco-type coatings designed for long-lasting and energy-saving EIFS cladding.

Sto also produces a base coat primer to enhance the protection and adhesiveness of the finish coats.

The colors and textures available from ProCoat and Sto allow for a wide selection to match nearly any preference. EIFS finish coats can be smooth, granular, or sandy in texture and come in a range of colors that include sandstone, limestone, granite, and even brick.

Once applied, the Sto’s EIFS finish coats are:

  • Water repellent
  • Vapor permeable
  • Dirt, mildew, and algae resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Highly durable

Contact ProCoat Systems

The experts at ProCoat in Denver and Salt Lake City are experienced in all phases of installation of exterior surface coatings for EIFS and other types of construction for homes and businesses.

For more information regarding EIFS Finish Coat options, visit the ProCoat website or phone the ProCoat professionals at (303)-322-9009.

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