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What is EIFS Stucco?

ProCoat - February 7, 2018


The newest versions of EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, are durable, attractive, and highly energy efficient. These characteristics are a result of a scientifically refined system of layered materials that restrict energy loss, eliminate moisture accumulation, and provide a beautiful and lasting exterior appearance. While each layer has an important function, the exterior surface is comprised of a stucco-like material that offers substantial practical and aesthetic value.

What is the Makeup of an EIFS Finish?

In the very simplest terms, an EIFS coating consists of six layers.

Beginning from the inside out, the EIFS system is comprised of:

  1. Water-Resistant Barrier applied to the substrate of interior surface
  2. Adhesives or fasteners designed to permanently secure the next layer, the insulation board
  3. Quality Foam Insulation Board
  4. Moisture trapping and elimination barrier or a water-resistive barrier
  5. Reinforcement Mesh
  6. An attractive and durable Exterior Finish that is textured like standard stucco. This material creates an additional energy and moisture-resistant surface that imparts a classic stucco-like appearance.

What is the Difference Between Standard Stucco and EIFS Stucco?

The material applied as the outer surface of an EIFS wall is not the same as modern, traditional stucco. The latter is produced from Portland cement, sand, and water that presents a hard, brittle coating which has a notable potential for cracking as the building shifts due to temperature changes and ground settling.

While the exterior look is similar to normal stucco, EIFS coatings are colorfast and water resistant and are made from an acrylic, copolymer material. The substance resists cracking and has a softer feel than traditional stucco.

To determine the difference, if you press normal stucco with your thumb, it will feel hard. EIFS stucco will tend to give slightly because of its softer nature.

Contact ProCoat Systems in Denver

With improved application and materials, EIFS systems are proving to be an important option in the construction industry. Properly applied using the best materials, EIFS walls will last a lifetime and keep the interior well insulated and dry as they conserve a tremendous amount of energy each year.

If you have questions, contact the EIFS experts at ProCoat Systems in Denver. They will be delighted to help evaluate the potential for EIFS inclusion in any upcoming home or commercial construction or remodel.

For more information regarding EIFS and any other of their high-quality cladding systems, visit the ProCoat System’s website or call today at 303-322-9009.

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