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ProCoat Systems Carries the Largest Selection of Hardscape Materials in Denver

ProCoat - November 15, 2016

Hardscape materials in Denver face a tough service life here—which is why ProCoat Systems only carries the best materials from respected manufacturers. We only carry and sell product that is going to stand the test of time in our freeze/thaw cycles and intense summer sunlight at altitude.

Permeable or Impermeable Patio Pavers—Your Choice

We don’t live in a soggy area of the country, like the Pacific Northwest, but we face water management issues of our own that are unique to life along the Front Range. Whether it’s summer cloudbursts dumping flash flood style rain in short order, or month after month of snow accumulation suddenly melting into run-off, we have water management challenges that can be managed with the assistance of high quality hardscape materials available in Denver from ProCoat Systems.

On some grades around these parts, impermeable pavers are the choice for managing water to where you want it to flow. Particularly where grades aren’t sufficient to prevent pooling, but the managed ground penetration of water is desired, permeable pavers, such as we offer from Belgard Hardscapes, is the patio, walkway, or driveway paver of choice.

Retaining Wall Choices Abound Too

It was once the case that if you didn’t want a retaining wall made from stacked stone or poured concrete your lone choice was retaining wall blocks formed from concrete.

At ProCoat Systems, we recognized early that not all concrete retaining wall blocks are the same—details matter greatly to longevity and performance. That’s why we long ago determined that Belgard is the best in the business for not only consistency and uniformity of block manufacture, but a world class leader in
architectural variety in retaining wall block too. Gratefully, they weren’t contented to just be the best at block manufacture.

Choose from the Largest Range of Hardscape Materials in DenverBelgard’s Tandem Wall system is without parallel or peer in the industry. Complex curves that look “pixelated” when using traditional retaining wall block laying methods can be made smooth through the use of Belgard’s innovative plastic I-beam spaced double sided concrete veneer systems. Cored by permeable gravel that drains a slope better than any retaining wall system before it, Belgard’s Tandem Wall system promises not only unmatched performance at what a retaining wall is actually for, but it also creates retaining walls of such architectural beauty that—if you learn the product—can set your company apart from your competitors too.

Whether you need the best selection of wall blocks in Denver, or a hands-on with the future of retaining wall technology, or just some expert advice, contact us at ProCoat Systems today.

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