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STO Architectural Coatings

Sto architectural coatings from ProCoat Systems offer a range of unique air and moisture barrier.
An innovative leader in the building materials arena, Sto has been providing next-level building materials solutions for over 40 years. Preferred by leading architects, engineers, and contractors, Sto’s products are safe and easy to install, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable, and deliver high value at an affordable price. Sto Coatings aid in the creation of some of today’s most beautiful, efficient buildings, minimizing maintenance, and safeguarding the long-term structural integrity of buildings with cutting-edge coating technology.

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Sto Corp Architectural Coatings

Which Sto Architectural Coating Solution Could Redefine Your Job?

Exterior Wall Coatings

    • StoColor Lotusan - Unique Self Cleaning Coating System
      Unlike traditional exterior paints which become stained with dirt, algae, and fungi over time, StoColor Lotusan exterior architectural coatings are self-cleaning. Modeled after the properties of a lotus leaf, whose surface is highly water-repellent, enabling rain, moisture, and dirt to slide effortlessly from the plant, this vapor permeable, UV-resistant coating keeps structures clean and beautiful. Minimizing the contact area for water and dirt, which algae and fungi depend on for growth, the enhanced hydrophobic (water-repellent) properties of StoColor Lotusan offer outstanding resistance to soiling, mold, mildew, and algae, keeping your building exterior clean and beautiful.
    • StoColor Silcolastic Silicone Elastomeric Decorative Coating
      Water-repellent, vapor-permeable, and flexible, StoColor Silcolastic silicone modified acrylic elastomeric coating provides superior elongation and elasticity, bridging minor surface cracks on vertical concrete, stucco, EIFS, and masonry installations with ease. With a thick formula that resists blistering, this UV-resistant coating reduces cleaning and recoat maintenance, while standing up to weather and temperature extremes. Resistant to dirt, it thwarts the growth of mold, helping your building retain a clean, fresh appearance over the life of the system.
    • StoColor Lastic Elastomeric Decorative Coating
      StoColor Lastics are an elastomeric, acrylic-based, architectural coatings that weatherproofs and bridges hairline cracks. Use it for protecting prepared vertical concrete, stucco, EIFS, masonry, or previously acrylic-coated smooth/textured surfaces. Its smooth or textured finish is sprayed or roller-applied. It is available in a variety of colors, making it an easy way to quickly improve a substrate’s appearance.

Build a better world and a better building with Sto Coatings from ProCoat Systems. Learn more about Sto’s full array of color and texture options for beautifully outfitting your next project today.

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