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natural stone veneer fireplace

Design your natural, stone veneer fireplace to complement your home

ProCoat - June 26, 2017

natural stone veneer fireplaceDesign your natural, stone veneer fireplace to complement your home

Your natural stone veneer fireplace might be in the great room where your family gathers, or it might be in the formal living room where you entertain friends. Either way it’s sure to be the focal point of the room. So, it’s important that your new fireplace complement your decor. How to do that? Begin by answering some basic questions and then move on to design details.


Basic fireplace design questions

Ask yourself where do you want the fireplace to go? Does the corner you’ve chosen have enough space? Is it the optimal site for best fireplace function and reasonably priced installation?  Will the fireplace design suit your family for the life of the house? Will it still work with a style change and new furniture?


The uncomplicated design option

Now that you’ve got the basics under control the fireplace design fun can begin! One effortless way to design your fireplace is to choose a fireplace stone that either complements or contrasts with the overall tone of the room. Consider a room done in warm earth shades with fireplace stones picked out in the same tawny browns, desert sand and burnt orange colors. Or consider a room painted in bold shades of red. A fireplace built with contrasting, charcoal grey stones will really stand out.


More complicated design options

More complicated design options allow your fireplace design become an extension of the room style.  Here are four styles to consider.


Casual – For family rooms and great rooms a floor to ceiling fireplace with rough cut, or hand chopped stones in a random pattern works well. With room for a t.v and a hearth for extra seating you’re set!

Country – Dry stacked, rough- hewn, granite veneer in shades of brown or grey compliments a farmhouse or country lodge look.

Classic – For a traditional look in a formal living room, or bedroom think about a pale granite, or ashy limestone veneer with a smooth texture.

Contemporary – This is the time to use square and rectangular brick that echoes door and windows shapes. Experiment with veneer colors that are out of the ordinary like sleek blacks and opal greens to achieve a modern style.


Whether you’re creating a simple fireplace design or something more complicated it’s easy with our help, and with natural stone veneer choices in unlimited types, textures, patterns and colors

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