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Water Intrusions & Natural Stone Veneer in Salt Lake City

ProCoat - September 5, 2016

Natural Stone Veneer in Salt Lake City—Combatting Water Intrusions

Water intrusions will cause the failure of any natural stone veneer installation in Salt Lake City. The good news is that the proper installation of flashing, weep holes, and foam backing rods is detail work that can be readily learned at ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City. We are dedicated to the success of your project.

ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City knows that every project is different, and some feature more difficult detailing problems. There is nothing more professionally embarrassing than to see your natural stone veneer work in Salt Lake City being corrected by a follow on crew. This type of work can also see a disgruntled client going after your bond to pay for it.

Sealing Windows, Doors and Siding Materials

blog3-procoatAt the vertical transitions between any natural stone veneer and all windows, doors, or traditional siding material, a minimum 3/8” joint has to be maintained between the two materials. Foam backer rods must then be emplaced, without gaps, and the joint properly sealed to prevent moisture intrusions behind the natural stone veneer.

Bigger Flashing Provides Peace of Mind

Natural stone veneer, when compared to stucco or EIFS installations, is thick. The depth of the material means that the kicker or diverter flashing needs to increase in size too. The flashing material, especially at the top of installations where blown moisture most readily attacks must convey water well beyond the outer edge of the natural stone veneer. If the flashing is too small, it will probably gutter water behind the installation. Skimping on flashing means testing the limits of your wall drainage.

Weeps—More Are Better

Weeps are the last measure of preventing water damage behind a natural stone veneer installation, even in relatively arid Salt Lake City. Natural stone veneer retains water longer and in greater amounts than any stucco systems do. Even if you have painstakingly waterproofed the wooden substrate wall, trapped water will eventually win, especially in a freeze/thaw climate like ours. Even if wet or dry rot doesn’t develop, trapped water behind the installation is the genesis for mold or mildew mitigation action against your bond. Anywhere you think providing a weep is a good idea, they’re always worth the trouble.

ProCoat Systems employs technical experts in the majority of our product lines. For expert advice on natural stone veneer installations in Salt Lake City, contact us today.

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