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Patio Paver Designs That Complement Your Outdoor Living Area

ProCoat - April 4, 2018



Upgrading your outdoor space with beautiful and durable patio pavers adds richness and value to your home. The material, color, and texture you choose for your exterior improvement can make a notable difference in the impression you wish to convey. Whether you decide between brick or stone hardscapes, tumbled or smooth, slate or flagstone, your choices should always compliment the style of your home or building.

Of equal significance in your patio paver choices is the design pattern. Paver design should also complement home features without “clashing” with other elements of the exterior. Paver patterns can notably impact the overall beauty and interest of your outdoor oasis.

As with any other home improvement project, the key is to plan ahead and visualize the area as an artist would imagine a work of art. Envision the area to be paved in different looks and patterns and try to imagine how you would like the final result. Consult with experts like ProCoat Systems in Denver and check out other projects to determine what might work best.

Practice different patterns in advance to help visualize the result.

After all, your patio will become an integral part of your property, much as the siding and roofing, and can help or even hurt the value of your home.

Patio Paver Designs to Think About

Depending on the area to be paved, homeowners may choose to be conservative in their hardscape design. Alternatively, they may wish to integrate artistic patterns that may be more eye-catching but require considerably more time, effort, and expense to execute.

Conventional, yet frequently used  patterns for patio pavers are:

  • Runner-type Pattern: rectangular and square pavers placed in a linear, offset pattern in parallel rows.
  • Herringbone Pattern: brick paver rows run at a 45-degree orientation with each alternating brick at 90 degrees to the previous in a fishbone or herringbone pattern
  • Random Pattern: while not truly random, square and rectangular pavers are interlocked in a right-angled, repeating pattern from beginning to end.

Curving and bordering are additional considerations for paving projects. Creating a curved pattern for your patio or installing a meandering paver pathway to the patio or deck requires some exceptional skill in cutting and shaping individual pavers. Finishing with a clean, smooth line is essential.

Bordering the entire patio with a different color paver can give the patio or walkway a more elegant and finished appearance.

Contact ProCoat Systems in Denver

ProCoat Systems offers a complete range of world-class paver products. Depending on the type or style of your home and projected patio, ProCoat will have the best option. Check out the stone and masonry products and paver ideas on the ProCoat website to help in your selection.

For more information, call the experts at ProCoat Systems at (303)-322-9009.


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