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Patio Pavers- Get the most aesthetic design possible!

ProCoat - September 19, 2016

Patio Paver Systems

Patio Pavers in Denver—Let’s Talk Aesthetics

Quality Patio Pavers in DenverOne of the most trenchant criticisms of modern construction—a suffocating sameness—extends down to the choice of patio pavers in Denver. Often, even when there is some attempt by the developer to create differentiation in the houses of a development, the residents soon discover that the cookie cutter is still at work on their patios and walks.

There is a choice out there to break up the geometric visual monotony of most patio pavers in Denver—Belgard’s Mega-Arble series.

There is no rule of architecture or landscape design that says that patios and walks made from interlocking patio pavers need be square or rectangular, with neatly cut off or bordered edges. In fact, before transportable poured concrete was a reality, a hardscape for outdoor entertaining, or a walkway from the house to the garden shed, was made from cut stones that were emplaced into prepared soil by hand.

Belgard’s Mega-Arble is an interlocking patio paver system that is perfect for Denver. Here we appreciate the rough-hewn beauty our natural environment has to offer. From an aesthetic standpoint, this natural look abhors angularity and perfect symmetry. This is why Mega-Arble is a great compromise—it’s still interlocking and laid out geometrically—only in a triangular pattern called “three stone tessellated,” that is to say a “cloverleaf.” If you remember your grade school geometry, four equilateral triangles make a square, albeit in this case one with irregular edges on the perimeter.

Along with meticulous molding of the pavers themselves that alłow the edges to mate together in various orientations, the tessellated layout is the entire visual trick of Mega-Arble. If you or your clients, want to not undermine the illusion by laying out a bounded geometric shape, particularly on walkways, you lay the Belgard Mega-Arble in a winding path that follows the contours of the landscaping rather than dominate its way over it in a straight line. Just trim the irregular edge that reveals there is a pattern at work, or obscure the edges with soil, decorative rock, or bark dust.

The end result is patios and walkways that break out of the ordinary while still offering the ease of installation and care that interlocking patio pavers offer in Denver. No cracking or frost heaving like poured concrete can face. Like we said, these are the perfect patio pavers for Denver.

Contact ProCoat Systems of Denver to see these and other great pavers in our contractor pavilion, and discuss the product’s technical information with one of our seasoned specialists.

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