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Planning a Patio with Pavers

ProCoat - February 11, 2019

Patio with Pavers

Patios built with quality pavers offer many advantages over other types of surfaces. Available in a wide range of attractive styles and colors, a well-installed paver patio can add a delightful ambiance to outdoor living areas.

BelgardĀ®, the world leader in paver products, offers a wide assortment of sizes, colors, and textures. Matching the patio to other elements of the home or other exterior features is far easier with pavers than with solid concrete surfaces.

Developing the Plan

In countless instances, Belgard pavers have improved the beauty and value of homes and commercial buildings. Creating just the right atmosphere in your outdoor space requires imagination and vision and, of course, a plan. Imagine the space populated with just the right colors, texture, shapes, borders and accents. Belgard, a world-class partner of ProCoat Systems in Denver, offers a complete selection of options to fit any dream.

The central considerations for choosing the best look for your patio, driveways, and walkways are:

Color: Belgard pavers are available in neutral and natural shades, similar to the various colors of natural stone. Pavers are not intended to impart a stark or overpowering look, but to provide a relaxing and compatible shade that complements the surroundings. Colors range from tans, ivory, various grays, pinks, and combinations of these to harmonize with the exterior of the home or building.

Shapes: Although rectangles and squares have been a standard for pavers for many years, paver designers at Belgard have developed several more shapes to add even more interest to the finished area. A wide spectrum of patterns and themes may be created using diverse and more interesting styles.

Texture: From smooth to tumbled, contemporary to antique, Belgard pavers come in a variety of textures to create a mood and feel that cannot be duplicated with standard paving products.

Borders and Accessories: Once the principal paving style is established, add sparkle to the design with contrasting or complementary borders and accessories. These finishing touches are important and will add drama to your final design choices.

Advantages of Quality Pavers vs Concrete Patios

Particularly in areas where winters may be severe, concrete patios tend to break up and crack eventually. Variability of climate causes expansion and contraction that will result in those unsightly breaks that we see everywhere with concrete surfaces. Pavers, because of the spacing between individual units can manage temperature extremes far better. Whenever a paver does become damaged or unsightly for any reason, individual units can be replaced easily.

Also, due of the varied colors, shapes, and textures of pavers, you can develop a much more artistic and pleasing appearance to your patio than with other materials.


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