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ProCoat Systems Denver – Introducing Belgard’s Line of Porcelain Patio Pavers

ProCoat - May 12, 2016

patio paversBelgard Hardscapes’ exciting porcelain patio pavers are coming to Denver, exclusively through ProCoat Systems. This line is called Mirage, and it’s an imported product from Italy, one that represents the culmination of an idea many years in the making.

Belgard Hardscapes scoured the world to find a manufacturing partner who could bring all of the advantages of naturally cut stone patio pavers, but with the modularity and ease of installation you have come to expect from the rest of the Belgard product line. After years of development, these patio pavers are going to be in Denver.

What is a Mirage Series Porcelain Paver?

These unique pavers are 3/4″ and 1 1/4” thick porcelain outdoor pavers available in traditional square and rectangular shapes, with complimentary pieces available for steps, caps, and pool coping. Though the exact method of manufacture is a trade secret, the use of the word porcelain is a heavy hint that the Mirage Series pavers are in fact a kiln fired ceramic product, using natural stone in the composition, all convincingly molded into several available stone and wood finishes.

Outdoor porcelain patio pavers bring to Denver certain inescapable benefits.  They are very freeze/thaw resistant, highly skid-resistant, tremendously durable and simple to clean. Perhaps best of all, the Mirage Series porcelain patio pavers feature incredibly high breakage loads of up to 2,200 pounds. This high strength and physical integrity makes porcelain patio pavers “Denver proof.”

From a professional or do-it-yourself perspective, the true beauty of Belgard’s porcelain patio pavers for Denver is that they can be dry laid onto grass, gravel, dirt and sand and require no specialized skill set to install. They can also be laid onto terraces and roofs using raised supports, again with or without grout, adhesives or specialized skills, making installation quick and easy. As each 24 x 24” slab weighs only a uniform 37 pounds, you or or crew will neither be breaking their backs, nor cursing the mislaying of a slab as they are easy to redeploy if not fixed in place with adhesive.

Available in six standard finishes and a few more by special order, there is no reason not to come by ProCoat Systems of Denver and get a hands on view of this exciting new product. Come and see the patio pavers in Denver that seem custom made for our climate.

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