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ProCoat Systems of Denver—Why Patio Pavers Are Better Than Poured Concrete

ProCoat - August 8, 2016

At ProCoat Systems of Denver, make no mistake, we love concrete. We sell all kinds of waterproofing solutions to color it and protect it. But when it comes to sidewalks, driveways, and patio spaces, we love patio pavers in Denver much more.


We admit that poured concrete slabs have come a long ways from their humble gray origins. Now with color additives and embossed patterns, poured concrete can look like it’s not trying to be that. However, there is one facet of concrete that was and will ever be: it will crack.  Patio pavers, such as ProCoat Systems of Denver carries, has poured concrete beat in every category when it comes to visual appeal and longevity. Patio PaversPatio pavers come in more diverse colors and shapes, can be mixed and matched for color and texture, and they can also perform two tricks that a concrete slab cannot—they can mitigate cracking, and they can be water permeable.

After Care is Easier

Especially in our weather extremes here in the Denver area, concrete integrity is an all or nothing proposition. If the slightest crack develops in a slab or poured concrete, that is the beginning of the end. Left alone, that crack will propagate with every freeze/thaw cycle. If water gets below the slab, freezing will cause that slab to begin to separate at the crack.

If the crack is detected early, it can, of course, be patched. The problem is that the repair is anything but invisible. The same can be said for stains, especially on tinted concrete. With patio pavers you have options. By leaving a small surplus of pavers behind with the end user, they have actual repair pieces at their disposal. In the worst case, if an installed patio paver fails, or becomes stained, its replacement can be at hand for installation into the patio, driveway, or walk. If one or more of the pavers has become stained, your end user can try different cleaning solutions and techniques on the spares to figure out the best way to clean the pavers without damage.

See For Yourself

Come and see the full line up of stylish patio pavers Denver’s ProCoat Systems carries, from the basic to the elaborate.

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