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ProCoat Systems Denver—Using Patio Pavers Over Patio Concrete

ProCoat - July 18, 2016

Patio PaversCome summer, many Denver homeowners will look at that slab of concrete in their backyard and wish they had one with patio pavers such as the ones we carry. The cost of demolishing and disposing of that slab has killed many dreams of an alternate hardscape for lots of homeowners. Fortunately, with our expertise in both waterproofing and patio pavers, you can come to the rescue. It is entirely viable to repair and waterproof the existing concrete slab and then turn it into the base of a new look using an overlay of patio pavers.

The uniformity of manufacturing tolerances that Belgard is famous for makes their patio pavers perfectly suitable for a mortar based overlayment of existing concrete.

Before proposing this project to an inquiring home or commercial building owner, you have to make certain that the existing concrete surface to be covered has a grade capable of doorway clearance or diverting water from where it is unwanted to avoid troublesome accumulation.

If you aren’t totally familiar with professional-grade waterproofing materials and techniques, first be  sure that the existing surface is free of foreign substances that may prevent proper paver adhesion. Dirt, oils, paints, or old sealant will have to be thoroughly removed as prep work to the application.

As an overlayment is a permanent installation, pre planning the course of the patio pavers is critical prior to setting them into mortar. As later corrections are difficult, it also pays to lay out a grid to ensure the well guided placement of patio pavers.

Since mortar is susceptible to disruption by our vicious freeze/thaw cycles, it is critical that the mortar is flexible enough to deal with these conditions and still adhere to the substrate. For an extra measure of weather protection, when cured, the whole project should be water sealed to prevent moisture penetration, and frost heaving during cold weather.

As always, if you need any product specific or technical assistance on a project such as this, be sure to contact us. We are always eager to help because our mission is to help contractors and homeowners succeed in their building projects.

For more information regarding Belgard’s line of patio pavers contact ProCoat Systems in Denver, or Fort Collins.

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