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When Looking for the Right Stone Veneer, Denver’s ProCoat Systems Suggests Stone That Matches Personal Taste With What Works Best In Colorado

ProCoat - November 12, 2014

Denver, CO – Stone exteriors on a house have been popular for almost as long as homes have been built. Structures constructed in stone were built for longevity, strength, and elegance – hence all the stone castles. Today, homes built out of stone are viewed with the same reverence – even though the stone could be a façade and perhaps even manufactured stone. That is why ProCoat System’s stone experts caution the look of stone is only one factor to consider: how it weathers in Colorado’s climate is equally important to the investment of stone on a home.

Used as Stone Veneer on higher-end homes, stone – either natural or manufactured – offers several benefits including durability, little maintenance, environmental efficiency, uniqueness, as well as resale value. The only adverse to these benefits is some stone doesn’t do well in freeze/thaw climates.

Because of the transient nature of people, a person building a home with natural Stone Veneer in Denver may want the soft look of the their home state Texas Limestone for example. While some limestone weathers well, others are too soft, so what looks good may not be as long lasting. That is why ProCoat Systems encourages homeowners, builders and architects to come view the materials that are tested and true for Colorado climate.

ProCoat Systems can offer a variety of stone styles to cater to broad tastes of people who have relocated from other climates and environments. And while natural stone is unmatched in its beauty and value, buyers should also consider manufactured stone. Made from cementitious base products, “cultured” stone has come a long way in replicating the natural beauty of natural stone, is perfect for the freeze/thaw climates of Colorado and can be less expensive than natural stone.

Whether customers are more interested in cultured stone, or natural stone veneer, Denver’s ProCoat Systems has several options for homeowners. And while looking at different stone options on a web page can start the education process, there is still no substitute for putting your hands on the real product. That is why ProCoat Systems has built its stone pavilion to help homeowners experience the stone they choose before putting it on their home.

About ProCoat Systems

ProCoat Systems was first established in 1984 and has since been providing great technical support, service, and quality products with a wide variety of patterns and colors that are all locally owned. This summer, ProCoat Systems hopes to aid customers with all their outdoor remodelling needs; whether they require manufactured stone veneer, cultured stone, or natural stone veneer, Denver’s ProCoat Systems has all the necessary hardscape products. ProCoat Systems’ knowledgeable and experienced professionals continually provide exterior supplies for home-building as well as remodelling and construction services. To learn more about ProCoat Systems visit

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