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ProCoat Systems, Salt Lake City to Introduce Sto Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) To UT Construction Market

ProCoat - May 22, 2016

Stucco Installation


May 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT– ProCoat Systems SLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of roofing giant Beacon Roofing Supply (BECN) has announced the availability of Sto Corporation’s, EIFS products to Utah contractors through its new store in West Valley City. ProCoat’s offering of this product line allows contractors to better design creative residential and commercial projects where stucco is desired, but with a greater variation of colors and textures. Sto’s EIFS products can be tinted to any of about 800 hues, as well as mimic stone and brick.

According to spokesperson Martin Diner “Sto’s specialty finishes are a product line that should not be overlooked when discussing an EIFS stucco installation with the project’s design professionals. On many stucco jobs, there can exist a missed opportunity to speak with the design professionals about ensuring their project brings not only the benefits of an EIFS installation, but also a relatively inexpensive way to differentiate the look of the project from other stucco clad buildings.”

Stucco designsSto’s specialty finish line is for the most part exactly what it sounds like—a finish coating that is applied to fully cured Sto EIFS stucco products. The line-up features eight distinctive looks, ranging from a limestone appearance, to granite, to fixed stencil shot brick patterns, all of which are a fraction of the weight and cost of the real materials they mimic.

“The end result really has to be seen to be believed,” Mr. Diner said. “It doesn’t seem possible at first that EIFS stucco could be finished to such a degree that it can pass for stone or brick veneer, but Sto has managed this feat with convincing results.”

 “Helping People Build Better Buildings”

That’s not just a motto, it’s the animating purpose of ProCoat Systems. We achieve this goal not only through the sale and delivery of premium quality materials used in the construction of new or remodeled homes, buildings, or structures. ProCoat Systems also assists where it can with the proper installation and application of the products we carry.  We provide local, “hands on” training and support to the contractors who purchase our products. We also provide first-rate technical assistance to design professionals, such as architects, engineers, and owners, who require totally clear information on the products they will be including in their project’s documentation.

Contact ProCoat Systems SLC

For contractors in the greater Salt Lake region who want the largest selection of quality exterior building cladding solutions, ProCoat Systems carries everything needed from manufacturers contractor’s have grown to trust. Contact ProCoat today at 801-410-4345, or visit the store at 2371 3600 W, West Valley City, UT 84119

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