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Stone Veneer Products

Boral Clutured Stone

Boral cultured stone from ProCoat Systems provides the look of natural stone at an affordable price.

Boral Clutured Stone

Boral Products

Rock-It Natural Stone

Rock-It stone veneer from ProCoat Systems offers all the qualities of real stone, except the weight.

rock-it contemporary stone veneer

Rock-It Products

Eldorado Stone Veneer

With over 150 color palettes, Eldorado offers one of the most extensive product lines worldwide.

eldorado stone veneer

Eldorado Products

ProStone Stone Veneer

Complement your design with the authentic looks and lasting beauty of ProStone.

boral prostone stone veneer

ProStone Products

McNear Thin Brick Products

Add brick accents quickly and easily with the BrickFast MCN Panel System from McNear Brick & Block.

McNear thin brick

McNear Products

Realstone Ledgestone

Realstone Systems offers some of the most unique natural ledgestone in the industry.

Realstone ledgestone

Realstone Products

Manufactured stone veneer from ProCoat Systems offers an easy, cost-effective way to add the elegant looks of natural stone to any project. Thinner and lighter than natural stone, architectural stone veneer achieves the custom looks of natural stone at one-third to one-half the cost of installation, with no need for structural additions like footings, foundations, or wall ties.

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Stone Veneers

Add the Looks of Natural Stone Without the Weight

Cultured Stone veneer is as beautiful as the natural stone it emulates. It is manufactured to deliver the looks of natural stone, but has a significantly lighter composition, at about half the weight of natural stone the same size. Made from Portland cement, aggregates, and iron oxide pigments for color, manufacturers from stone veneer in molds made from real stone to create an authentic look in thin 1-2 inch varieties and full-dimension veneer up to 8 inches thick.

Design Versatility and Speedy, Cost-Effective Installation

Premium stone veneer helps you achieve a custom look at an affordable price so you won’t have to sacrifice the details of your design. It offers variations in size, shape, texture, and color that make it hard to distinguish from natural stone without close inspection. It is not suitable for structural use, but it works wonderfully aesthetically, offering versatility for a variety of projects. It is comparable to natural stone in flame resistance, with a Class A fire rating. Installation time is speedier than natural stone applications, with no need for structural additions. Stone veneer applies easily over:

    • Metal and wood-framed walls
    • Over masonry, CMU block, or brick
    • Over poured concrete
    • Crawlspace facings
    • Fireplace facings
    • Behind freestanding stoves
    • Interior statement walls

ProCoat Offers Top-Quality Stone Veneer from Industry-Leading Manufacturers

We carry a variety of stone designs, from modern to historic, inspired by architecture found across the globe.

boral cultured stone

Cultured Stone
by Boral

Boral is a pioneer in the stone veneer industry. Boral Cultured Stone is meticulously engineered, including an expansive array of styles:

    • Country Ledgestone
      This popular stone veneer option is available in many shades.
    • Ancient Villa Ledgestone
      A rustic blend of regular and irregular shapes.
    • Del Mare Ledgestone
      Del Mare Ledgestone is inspired by the Mediterranean coasts, imparting texture and visual interest to any project.
    • Drystack Ledgestone
      This rustic pattern features varying stone sizes and depths that capture light and shadow, adding visual appeal.
    • Southern Ledgestone
      Rugged, rough-textured, with irregular shapes, Southern Ledgestone can achieve many looks using tightly spaced or mortared configurations.
    • Pro-Fit Ledgestone
      This ledgestone is easy to install, featuring textured pieces of the same height ideal for use in tight space and intricate designs.
    • Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone
      The sleek, modern looks of Pro-Fit Alpine ledgestone work well in both indoor and outdoor designs.
    • Pro-Fit Modera Ledgestone
      Add a modern, tailored look to your project with the sleek, modular design of this ledgestone.
    • Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone
      Incorporate a touch of textural interest with the modern lines of Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone.
    • Handmade Brick
      Impart the classic looks of old American East Coast brick structures.
    • Used Brick
      Used Brick emulates the warmth and charm of New England brickwork. It is the ideal choice for adding an industrial air.
    • Cast Fit
      The muted tones of Cast Fit impart an understated, luxurious, modern feel.
    • Sculpted Ashlar
      The perfect combination of classic charm and sleek, modern lines, this veneer is ideal for adding a feel of natural warmth to interior and exterior features.
    • Hewn Stone
      Add a modern, castle-like feel with the smooth colors and rough texture of Boral Hewn Stone.
    • Limestone
      Add an authentic touch with stone veneer molded from limestone quarried in the upper Midwest.
    • Old Country Fieldstone
      This versatile veneer is an excellent way to impart old country charm to your project.
    • Dressed Fieldstone
      Dressed Fieldstone is an ideal enhancement for any natural environment.
    • Rockface
      Rockface is inspired by medieval ruins, blending the old world and the contemporary.
    • Cobblefield
      Add a rugged look reminiscent of the architecture of rural 19th century America with Cobblefield cultured stone.
    • River Rock
      No nature-inspired project is complete without the timeless, organic appeal of river rocks.
    • Stream Stone
      The rounded stones and realistic riverbed looks of Stream Stone add an organic appeal that begs to be touched.
    • Textured Cast Fit
      This large format ledgestone is perfect for adding tactile appeal with its subtle, weathered feel.
    • European Castle Stone
      European Castle Stone emanates the elegance of Old-World stonework.
    • Coral Stone
      Impart a contemporary touch to your residential or commercial design with this unique stone, which features fossil patterns.

Eldorado Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

With over 150 color palettes, including unique national and regional stone profiles, Eldorado offers one of the most extensive product lines worldwide.

    • Bluffstone
      With a narrow profile, Bluffstone comes in a warm palette of tinted greys with hints of wine and apricot, and is perfect for achieving a tight, dry-stacked
    • Cliffstone
      A lovely complement to modern designs, the versatile profile of this stone, featuring a flat-planed facing and distinctive texture, allows for the creation of countless designs.
    • CoastalReef
      This precision-cut stone is perfect for accenting designs with the looks of ocean-worn coral, featuring a deeply faceted texture and beautiful pearl and ecru tones.
    • Country Rubble
      Instill the timeless feel of the European countryside with rough-hewn Country Rubble stones infused with regional colors.
    • Cut Coarse Stone
      Cut Coarse stone mimics natural, saw-cut Turkish limestone, with a highly textural, yet contemporary linear style and muted color palette. Ideal for dry-stack applications.
    • Cypress Ridge
      Inspired by Italian and Provencal architecture, this stone reflects the enduring facade of age-old hilltop villages, featuring irregularly shaped stones in earthy browns, faint olive greens, and sundrenched golds.
    • European Ledge
      A modern interpretation of split-face travertine, European Ledge is a fusion of old-world stonework and modern design elements, featuring a weather-worn surface texture of varying depths and lengths with a precisely cut height.
    • Fieldledge
      A hybrid mix of horizontally-oriented fieldstone and ledgestone with an old-world design and a modern, smooth face, in grey tones with subtle multi-tonal highlights.
    • Hillstone
      Rugged and rustic, this distinctive, hand-blended mix imparts the feel of the Tuscan countryside.
    • LedgeCut33
      LedgeCut33 is designed for dry-stack installations, featuring stones with a 3-inch height and lengths of 12, 18, and 24-inches.
    • Limestone
      A medium-scaled tailored limestone perfect for traditional, formal designs, hand-chiseled into a rectangular ashlar profile with a textured facing.
    • Longitude24
      The large, silky surface of Longitude24 in tones of grey and cream imparts a calming ambiance.
    • Marquee24
      This popular and versatile limestone features a sleek, 12-by-24-inch design with the authentic texture of natural cut limestone.
    • MountainLedge
      Add warmth and texture with the earthy tones of MountainLedge stones, sized for easy selection to reduce installation costs.
    • MountainLedge Panels
      MountainLedge panels offer the looks of hand-laid dry-stacked ledgestone, but in a pre-cast panel system designed for ease of installation.
    • Ridgetop18
      The perfect blend of modern and traditional, the large 9-by-18 stone face of Ridgetop18 is perfect for tight-stacking, featuring a medium rocky texture and monochromatic color tone.
    • River Rock
      These full-size, naturally rounded stones recreate the essence of river rock, featuring realistic, water-worn, appearance.
    • RoughCut
      The bold, traditional looks of RoughCut beautifully mimic natural limestone, featuring a roughly cleaved, pronounced face with embedded fossilized artifacts.
    • Rustic Ledge
      Add a distinctive touch with this full-scale stone, featuring a long-dimensional profile split along parallel lines, pronounced rock cleavage, and foliation.
    • Shadow Rock
      The striking shadowing, exceptional dimension, and texture of Shadow Rock give the stone a dramatic appearance. Imbuing a feel of masonry craftsmanship, it blends well with designs from rustic to contemporary.
    • SierraCut24
      Large and distinctive, the heavy rock texture of SierraCut24 imparts a strong presence. It stacks beautifully and is favored in grand facades from churches to monuments.
    • Stacked Stone
      Impart the classic, elegant looks of precisely laid, dry-stacked stone with El Dorado’s easy, panel system installation.
    • Vantage30
      Vantage 30 features a unique planked appearance with sleek 30-inch lines and gentle textural surfacing for visual interest and movement. Stacks uniformly for a clean, tight installation.
    • Vintage Ranch
      An American classic, Vintage Ranch adds a warm and inviting touch with the timeless looks of reclaimed barn wood. Panelized system facilitates faster installation.
    • Zen24
      Large format Zen24 tiles feature a light texture reminiscent of the lightly raked sand of zen gardens.

Prostone Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

Complement your design with the authentic looks and lasting beauty of ProStone by Boral Stone Veneer from ProCoat Systems. Contact a ProCoat Systems building supply expert to order your sample today.

Western Collection

Available nationwide.

  • Aged Ledgestone
    The weathered, well-worn looks of Aged Ledgestone.
  • Easy Fit Savannah Ledge
    Ruggedly textured, Easy Fit Savannah Ledge is the perfect way to add color and shadow to any design style.
  • Fieldstone
    A beautiful array of natural stone shapes and colors, perfect for adding a natural touch to any project.
  • Ledgestone
    The most popular ProStone style, featuring a rich texture and subtle color variations that make a dramatic design statement.
  • River Rock
    Featuring rounded stones smoothed by years beneath a forest riverbed, River Rock is perfect for adding a natural touch indoors or out.
  • Tuscan Cobble
    The simple cut and beautiful tones of Tuscan Cobble work well in a variety of residential and commercial settings.

Carolina Collection

Available in select locations.

  • Easy Fit Savannah Ledge
    Add color and shadow to your design with roughly textured Easy Fit Savannah Ledge.
  • Field Rubble
    The unique and versatile shape of Field Rubble stones works well with a range of design styles, from contemporary to traditional.
  • Ledgestone
    Ledgestone is a popular choice, making a dramatic design statement with its rich texture with subtle color variations.
  • Rough Ledge
    With its ruggedly textured irregular stone shapes, Rough Ledge is perfect for adding an informal ambiance indoors or out.

Realstone ledgestone

Stone Veneer

Transform your building design with high-quality, innovative, affordable Realstone Systems Ledgestone.


Realstone ledgestone features a rough cut, split-face design. Each stone has a weathered finish and varying profile for added depth and texture.

  • Granite
  • Quartzite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine


Accentstone panels feature larger stones with a smooth, linear finish for added texture and depth.

  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Quartzite
  • Slate


The most popular profile of the Realstone Systems collection, Shadowstone features a smooth linear finish with variations for just the right amount of texture and shadow and a luxurious, refined look. With a vast color palette, you’re sure to find the perfect complement for your décor.

  • Quartzite
  • Slate


Thinstone features ultra-thin slices of natural stone blended together to create a rich tapestry of depth and texture.

  • Limestone
  • Quartzite

McNear thin brick

Thin Brick

McNear Brick & Block thin brick products capture the look and feel of true historic bricks, without requiring the labor and time of traditional bricklaying.

McNear Thin Brick Commercial Series

The Commercial Series features Clean, crisp edging and vibrant colors, with textures ranging from smooth Dieskin to rough Wirecut and striated Rug.

McNear Thin Brick Old California Series

The Old California Series imbues the rough looks, color variances, staining, and chipping of actual reclaimed bricks.

McNear Thin Brick Town Series

These multi-hued bricks feature a squarer edging profile than Sandmold and Old California varieties, encompassing a broad spectrum of colors.

Sandmold Series

The Sandmold Series captures the soft, handmade look of historic bricks, featuring rounded edges and subtle irregularities.

ROCK-IT-STONE contemporary stone veneer

Stone Veneer

Masterfully created from full-thickness, top-quality natural stone, Rock-It thin stone veneer from ProCoat Systems provides a high-quality finish. It offers all the qualities of real natural stone, without the size and weight, allowing for fast installation. It is available in a wide variety of styles.

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Procoat stone veneer

Our Other Stone Veneer Brands

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