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Beautiful and Versatile Natural Thin Stone Veneer

ProCoat - June 13, 2018

manufactured stone veneer

Natural thin stone veneer is real stone cut into thicknesses of 1” to 2” for easy application, handling, and transport. The effect is the same as the traditional stone mason’s cutting and shaping without the waste and extra labor. The end results are walls, flooring, fireplace surrounds, and other architectural features that convey the beauty, color, and texture of real stone without the mass and waste.

Natural thin stone veneers from ProCoat Systems in Denver come in a wide range of shapes and types. By partnering with the most skilled stone artisans in the industry, realstone Systems™, ProCoat offers a selection to match any taste or application.

Easy to Install

The craftsmen at realstone Systems make installation as simple as possible. Starting with real stone material, cutting these into thin veneer pieces and positioning them beautifully in panels and planks, the result is a stunning well-crafted wall or fireplace without the mess and hassle of mortaring each joint. The process is simple, consumes less time, and eliminates sloppy imperfections.


Using natural stone products to create thin veneers eliminates most of the problems and much of the cost that accompanies working with whole stone pieces. Real veneer products are cut so that installation is simple and requires little or no shaping to apply the stone to the substrate. As a result, the piles of waste and extensive labor and skill to work on-site with the stone is eliminated.

Less Expensive Skilled labor + Reduced Transportation Costs+ Less Waste = Lower Finished Cost

realstone Systems Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Veneers from realstoneSystems are made from a broad range of stone types, each exhibiting a unique color, pattern, and texture created by Mother Nature. Colors range from white and light gray to reds, browns, taupes, to entirely black. Each piece is unique.

Natural Veneers are produced from stone types including:

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Quartzite
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Travertine

Natural Stone Veneer Shapes

Besides color, texture, and natural patterns, the stone shape also reflects the natural beauty of the beauty of the stone veneer. Pieces may be round, square, rectangular, ledge cut, mosaic, or a mixture of any combination to create a truly unique pattern.

Contact ProCoat for High-Quality Natural Thin Stone Veneer

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